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The GS-7 level of this Legal Instruments Examiner position is developmental and leads to the GS-8 level.  The primary difference between the GS-7 level and GS-8 levels is in the areas of supervisory control and level of responsibility.

At the full performance level of this position (GS-8), the employee performs the full range of journeyman Rehabilitation Reimbursement Technician duties, including the final authorization of Milestone Payments, Outcome Payments, and reimbursement claims pursuant to Titles II, and XVI of the Social Security Act, as amended, and Public Law 106-170 Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999. The incumbent reviews and makes final determinations on claims submitted by Employment Networks (EN), State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies (VRA), and Alternate Providers (AP) for reimbursement under SSA's vocational rehabilitation program and the Outcome-Milestone payment system, independently performing a wide range of reimbursement/payment case development actions. Assignments consist of processing more complex cases where analysis of pertinent issues and interpretation of the provisions of the laws, regulations, rulings, precedents, policies, procedures and guidelines relative to the reimbursement cases are necessary.

Important: Two (2) positions will be filled between the GS-7 and GS-8 levels.

NOTE: Your resume must specifically address the evaluation criteria for the position. This information is instrumental in determining the highest quality candidates to be referred to the Selecting Official. If your application materials do not demonstrate the competencies and experience needed for this position, your application will be ineligible for consideration.


  • Provides technical support, guidance, and direction to the Rehabilitation Reimbursement Technician (RRT) and Rehabilitation Reimbursement Clerk.
  • Conducts all training for new RRTs.
  • Establishes whether a continuous period of SGA has been accomplished by the beneficiary.
  • Requests any needed documentation or extracts data from files; verifies and/or averages gross earnings; and makes the requisite payment determination.
  • Reviews expenditures claimed and determine whether they are within the reimbursable period; whether the costs are consistent with the SSA/VR agreement, Ticket to Work Legislation, or AP guidelines; and whether costs are properly computed for the reimbursable period.
  • Prorates costs that span several months, as necessary.
  • Compiles data for special workload reports and for presentations at meetings and conferences when required.
  • On own initiative, composes complex and/or technical correspondence to EN, AP, VRA, and various SSA components, relating to a wide variety of matters.
  • Ensures that files are clearly annotated.

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No