Job Overview


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Obtains proposals, negotiates, administers, and settles contracts and purchases.  Defines long and short-term business and customer needs.  Completes market and industry trend analysis.  Analyzes purchasing and supply management practices, and conducts supplier value and cost analysis to include logistics related activities; makes supplier selections and implements consolidation of suppliers. 


1.  Performs strategic needs assessment to identify customers needs for services, supplies, and equipment; uses assessment to determine requirements, and solicitation criteria, including production needs, quantities, delivery requirements and industry to be sourced.
2.  Prepares contract solicitations, determines specific contract language, clauses, and best type of contract; evaluates offers and recommends source selections.
3.  Conducts supplier value and cost analysis to address logistics, pricing, leverage, competitive advantage, and other industry factors related to purchase; performs supplier capability assessment, past performance reviews, customer evaluations and other review methods to create and develop supplier performance data.
4.  Conducts supplier value and cost analysis, defining supplier's profit margin and variable and fixed costs against industry cost structure; develops an evaluation of suppliers with the customer.
5.  Performs market and industry trend analysis to determine availability of services, supplies, equipment, and products; monitors industry factors related to purchase of product and/or service.
6.  Requests and evaluates supplier proposals for satisfying selection criteria, awarding contracts, leverage opportunities, and pricing data; establishes strong supplier relationships and partnerships.
7.  Plans and conducts negotiations on price, technical require- ments, terms, and conditions of the contract; obtains audits and pricing reports where needed to develop negotiation strategy; performs contract management.
8.  Manages projects, including identifying resources, developing timelines, risk analysis, monitoring progress, providing technical guidance and evaluation.
9.  Complies with Postal Service supplier diversity planning and sourcing strategies.
10.  Identifies and implements demand management activities.
11.  Provides leadership, direction, and guidance on purchasing and material logistics activities.
12.  May oversee the activities of lower level employees or teams, when assigned. 

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • Yes
  • Will be offered.