Job Overview


About the Agency

The Office of Site Operations (OSO) is responsible for implementing long-term surveillance and maintenance (LTS&M) at sites transferred to LM to ensure sustainable protection of human health and the environment. LM-20 manages the maintenance and disposition of real and personal property under the control of LM, including beneficial reuse plans and transfer to communities or other organizations.

The incumbent performs as a developmental engineer or scientist in the specialized field of amelioration and restoration of radioactive waste sites throughout the DOE complex, and as such, assists the principal site managers and the team leader in the areas of overall planning and execution of professional scientific, engineering, technical, administrative and fiscal activities associated with LTS&M within these programs.


As a Physical Scientist/General Engineer you will:


  • Develop information and technical data which is used in resolving programmatic issues and integration of cost, schedule, and technical objectives.
  • Work with LM's real property specialists to identify the need for administrative institutional controls needed to conduct LTS&M or prevent human exposure to contaminants of concern.
  • Draft assigned portions of and otherwise assists a lead engineer or scientist in the development of transition plans transferring sites to LM.
  • Review assigned portions of environmental compliance actions for technical adequacy and compliance with environmental laws, regulations, and policies. Draft findings and recommendations for lead engineer or scientist review and critique.

  • Provide support in areas of planning, coordination, direction and execution and for the establishment and implementation of project management controls required to ensure the accomplishment of compliance actions at assigned LM sites.
  • Assist more senior professionals for assigned LTS&M activities which include but are not limited to standard technical analyses of assigned LM site activities, input into policy implementation, coordination of contractor activities, review and recommendations for compliance actions, funding scope and schedule analysis, and recommendations for contractor performance requirements.
  • Apply standards, methods, and procedures to assigned LM sites to include, but not limited to, environment, safety and health, cost control, quality assurance, reporting systems, public information response coordination, site-specific compliance strategies, and technical solutions to remedial actions.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Travel to sites for site inspections.

Relocation Authorized

  • Yes
  • Relocation expenses will be paid