Job Overview


About the Agency

This incumbent reports to the Customer Service Branch Manager. The incumbent has program responsibility for the Center’s Security, Safety and Emergency Preparedness Programs.


The following are the duties of this position at the GS-13.
- Serve as the Center's leading security and safety expert and liaison between the Center and other organizational entities. 
- Interacts with Headquarters security officials, Center management officials, and external governmental organizations to present, persuade, or defend security and safety policies and methods and obtain agreement on recommended courses of action.
- Provide technical expertise and oversight to ensure physical protection of personnel, facilities, resources, and sensitive materials and information against criminal, terrorist, or hostile intelligence activities.
- Interpret and apply security policy directives and recommend revisions to Fiscal Service-wide security issuances.
- Monitor, maintain, and update integrated physical security systems, control personnel accesses, issue access badges, keys, etc, and oversee parking and visitor control programs.  Provides operational oversight to on-site guard force.
- Develop and recommend safety programs and policies, investigate accidents, identifying trends, and taking preventive measures.  reviews Occupant Emergency Plan, conducts team meetings, drills, etc., and makes necessary revisions.
- Direct, coordinate, and provide assistance in completing procedural and compliance reviews related to safety and physical security for the Center.  Participates in compliance reviews/risk analyses, analyzes results, and implements changes.
- Complete oral and written reports to responsible parties and provide timely updates to stakeholders.


Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No