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Job Title:Transportation Security Inspector - Cargo SV-1801-G

Department:Department Of Homeland Security

Agency:Transportation Security Administration

Job Announcement Number:IAD-14-762199

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.


$49,380.00 to $76,510.00 / Per Year


Tuesday, May 06, 2014 to Monday, May 12, 2014




Full Time - Permanent




1 vacancy in the following location:
Dulles Airport, VA View Map


Open to all US Citizens. 

Salary range listed includes Locality Pay of 24.22%.

This position is located at Washington-Dulles International Airport (IAD) in Sterling, VA.






About the Agency

Securing Travel, Protecting People - At the Transportation Security Administration, you will serve in a high-stakes environment to safeguard the American way of life.  In cities across the country, you would secure airports, seaports, railroads, highways, and/or public transit systems, thus protecting America's transportation infrastructure and ensuring freedom of movement for people and commerce. For additional information about our agency please:
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  • You must possess U.S. Citizenship or be a U.S. National.
  • You must complete a favorable Background Investigation (BI).
  • Must pass pre-employment drug screening AND random drug/alcohol testing.
  • You must successfully complete a training course (up to five weeks).
  • You must hold a valid driver's license.
  • See additional "Conditions of Employment" and "Other Information" section


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As a Transportation Security Inspector (TSI) with TSA, you will be responsible for ensuring security compliance of persons and transportation systems/entities regulated under the Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 1500 series. You will perform selected assignments and progressively responsible inspection work such as:

  • Conducting regulatory inspections/investigations and supports criminal investigations related to alleged or suspected security violations.
  • Identifying, collecting, and preserving evidence used to support enforcement actions. Assisting in determining when enforcement action should be initiated, preparing enforcement investigation reports, and recommending to TSA counsel the type of action and level of penalty commensurate with the nature and severity of the violation.
  • Providing testimony and participating in enforcement proceedings. Entering data pertinent to investigations, inspections, and incidents into the national database Performance and Results Information System (PARIS).
  • Responding to threats, violations or potential violations and security incidents as defined by the National Incident Management Systems or as directed by the Federal Security Director (FSD) or appropriate authority.
  • Providing overt and covert presence, including at high visibility activities, to detect and reduce identified security threats/vulnerabilities.
  • Reviewing and analyzing assessment reports and testing results with specific attention to identifying unusual trends and actions that appear to have the potential for developing a security/safety problem.
  • Assisting in formulating recommended or alternative courses of action to pursue by regulated parties in order to satisfy security requirements.
  • Participating in activities designed to identify security threats through appropriately deployed technology or techniques as directed by Headquarters (HQ), FSD or Assistant Federal Security Director (AFSD).
If selected for a Transportation Security Inspector - Cargo position, in addition to the duties assigned to all TSIs outlined above, you will also be responsible for: Administering transportation security initiatives across the Nation's Transportation System. Coordinating preventive measures, safeguards, and rapid response initiatives to ensure the secure and free flow of transportation assets across the Nation and to prevent instances of terrorism or other incidents. Assisting transportation system stakeholders in solving problems and addressing concerns relative to the applicable security programs as well as current and relevant TSA Security Directives and regulatory requirements. Also responsible for conducting, reviewing, and analyzing assessments reports and testing results with special attention to identifying unusual trends or actions that appear to have potential for developing a security problem. Assisting in the development of security mitigation measures for transportation systems. Establishing goals and tracking progress for required inspection/assessment activities within assigned area of responsibility. Providing technical input to the AFSD, FSD and HQ staff, as applicable. If selected for a Transportation Security Inspector - Cargo position, in addition to the duties assigned to all TSIs outlined above, you will also be responsible for conducting inspections of all parties, passenger air carriers that transport cargo, all-cargo air carriers, Certified Cargo Screening Facilities and Indirect Air Carriers (IAC), subject to Federal regulations involving transportation security.
Note: The duties of this position are performed under close guidance and supervision using basic technical inspection knowledge acquired in formal core training and OJT. Assignments typically include inspection work in which established policies and procedures cover virtually all of the work, with little or no room for discretion.


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To qualify for the SV-G Pay Band, you must meet one of the qualification requirements (A, B, OR C) as outlined below:
A. Experience: For those qualifying using experience, your application must clearly outline three (3) years of progressively responsible general experience, one (1) year of which was equivalent to at least the SV-F or GS-4 grade level in the Federal service or equivalent in the private sector. Such experience will demonstrate the ability to: analyze problems, gather pertinent data, and recognize solutions; plan and organize work; and communicate effectively orally and in writing.
OR B. Education: Bachelor's or higher-level degree in any field from an accredited college or university.
OR C. Combination of education and experience: Combinations of successfully completed post-high school education and experience may be used to meet total qualification requirements, and may be computed by first determining the total qualifying experience as a percentage of the experience required for the position; then determining the education as a percentage of the education required for the position; and then adding the two percentages. The total percentages must equal at least 100 percent to qualify for the position.
If you are attempting to qualify based on education, in whole or in part, you MUST submit a copy of your transcript(s) from an accredited college or university (for each school attended) to establish qualifications based upon education. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable at the time of application. Official transcripts may be required at a later date.

Note: Credit for experience is given based on a 40-hour workweek. Part-time experience is credited on a part-time ratio, i.e., working 20 hours per week for two months equals one month of experience. No additional credit is given for overtime.

You must meet the qualification requirements of this position no later than the closing date of the vacancy announcement.

Conditions of Employment: Working conditions include but are not limited to arduous conditions such as traversing rough terrain and uneven surfaces, prolonged standing, bending, and stooping to observe work operations, ability to climb into aircraft baggage holds, rail cars, aircraft and other transportation equipment. Other conditions include:

  • Work may require driving or traveling by motor vehicle and occasionally involves regular and recurring exposure to moderate risk or discomforts that require special safety precautions.
  • Must pass a Background Investigation (BI) and maintain eligibility for a clearance at the Secret level.
  • Must possess U.S. Citizenship or be a U.S. National.
  • Must successfully complete the Basic Security Inspections Course.
  • Be willing to undertake extensive travel, at times overnight, as required.
  • Must hold a valid driver's license.
  • Must be available for "on call" work and be available for duty within the U.S. and possibly worldwide to protect U.S. transportation interests.
  • Must be available to work various shifts, including frequently changing and uncommon tours of duty.
  • Must be physically able to work outdoors often under adverse weather conditions.  May have to lift and carry heavy items or supplies up to 100 feet.  Work requires walking, bending, and standing.
  • This position is not covered by Law Enforcement Availability or Law Enforcement Retirement.
Basic Security Inspections Course (unless previously successfully completed): The selectee will be required to attend a 4-week course in Oklahoma City, OK. The Basic Aviation Security Inspections course provides students with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to conduct Airport, Aircraft Operator, and Screening Assessments, including using legal and regulatory documents that govern civil aviation security.


You will be evaluated based on a comparison of the position requirements against the quality and extent of the experience and/or related education as reflected in your resume and supporting documentation. You are encouraged to ensure work experiences clearly show possession of the competencies required for this position. We will compare your resume and supporting documentation to your responses on the assessment questionnaire.

If, after reviewing your resume and any supporting documentation, a determination is made that you have rated yourself higher than is supported by your application materials, your category placement may be adjusted and/or you may be excluded from consideration for this job. When completing the assessment questionnaire for this position, you will be prompted to elect if you wish for your application to be considered as External (where Veterans' Preference applies), as Status (current or former Federal Employees), and/or Internal to TSA as a current permanent or competitive temporary employee. At that time, please select the answer(s) that apply to you and your application to this position.

A successful TSI candidate will be required to complete a two (2) step application and assessment process. However, some TSI candidates may be exempted from the second step in the application process (see the “How to Apply” section for exemption details). A separate prompt, within the online application questionnaire, will allow you to claim exemption eligibility according to the criterion within the “How to Apply” section of this announcement.

To preview questions please click here.


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Eligibility to apply for other Federal positions: TSA is an Excepted Service agency exempt from most of Title 5 United States Code, including regulations which apply to displaced Federal employees (CTAP/ICTAP) of other agencies, and employment with TSA does not confer "Competitive Status" that generally results from selection and service in Competitive Service agencies. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has established an Interchange Agreement, which allows most permanent TSA employees to apply and be considered for vacancies in Competitive Service agencies. Information from OPM on this or other Interchange Agreements is available at:
To ensure the accomplishment of our mission, DHS requires every employee to be reliable and trustworthy. To meet those standards, all selected applicants must undergo and successfully pass a background investigation as a condition of placement into this position.
TSA employees who are absent for the purpose of performing military duty may apply for any vacancies announced in their absence.
Payment of relocation expenses (Permanent Change of Station) is not authorized.
Qualified non-competitive eligible candidates may be referred for consideration on a separate unranked list.
More than one position may be filled from this announcement.

This position is within the Technical category of TSA's Core Compensation Plan.

You must pass pre-employment drug screening AND you will be subject to post-employment random drug and alcohol testing.


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Please Note: All of the following must be received in our office by 11:59 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) on the closing date of this announcement. If we do not receive all required information by the closing date, your application may not be considered.

Your application must include:
1. Resume
2. Self Assessment Questionnaire for this position
3. Applicable supporting documents (see Required Documents Section)

Click the "Apply Online" button below and follow the prompts to apply.

We strongly encourage you to apply online. If you are unable to apply online, please contact the TSA HRAccess Help Desk before the closing of this announcement for alternative options on how to apply.  The Helpdesk is available by phone at 1-877-872-7990 between the hours of: 7:00AM - 8:00PM ET Monday - Friday, 10:00AM - 3:00PM ET Saturday, or 11:00AM - 4:00PM ET Sunday.  If outside these hours, please email your question or concern to or fax 1-877-872-7993.

When contacting the Helpdesk please provide your contact information, the Job Announcement Number of the position you are interested in, and your questions or concerns.

The highest scoring candidates will be invited and required to take a writing skills assessment soon after the closing date of this announcement. The invitation to take the writing assessment must be accepted and the test completed by the deadline outlined in the invitation in order to be considered (fourteen calendar days after the day your invitation was sent- please monitor your email for you invitation). The score obtained on the writing skills assessment will account for 50% of the overall score used to determine those who are best qualified for consideration. Additional information on the writing skills assessment is contained in the candidate preparation guide. The preparation guide can be obtained by clicking on the following link:

Please Note: Candidates eligible for the writing skills assessment will be required to travel at their own expense to the test location. The results for candidates who take the writing skills assessment are good for one year from the date the test was taken. Please see the "What to Expect Next" section of this announcement for information regarding this process. For additional information about the TSA and employment, please visit:

WSA Exemption Note: Candidates that currently hold, or have previously held, a Transportation Security Inspector position (at TSA, at any band level) will be exempted from the writing skills assessment. If you are eligible for the exemption, and wish to claim exemption, you must claim your exemption when prompted within the online application questionnaire. Please note that upon claiming exemption status, the employment records of current TSA employees will be reviewed to confirm eligibility for exemption. Those that are not current TSA employees must submit exemption documentation (as defined in the "Required Documents" section of this announcement). Candidates exempted from the WSA will be evaluated based upon the first phase of the hiring process only.


In addition to a resume and the assessment questions, you must submit copies of any of the following documents if you are applying based on current or former Federal Government Status (if you are not a current TSA employee), Veterans' Preference, or education or a combination of education and experience:

SF-50, Notification of Personnel Action - Current TSA employees are not required to submit an SF-50 to support eligibility for internal/status consideration or assessment exemption consideration.



If you are not a current TSA employee: you must submit your most recent personnel action SF-50 to support your eligibility for Status consideration.  If you elect Status for the consideration of your application without submitting an SF-50 demonstrating your current or previous permanent Federal employment status, and you are not a current TSA employee, your application may not receive Status consideration.



DD-214 - If you are claiming Veterans' Preference, provide a copy of your DD-214 (Member Copy 4) Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, or other appropriate documentation to prove your entitlement and to provide verification of an Honorable Discharge. Failure to provide this documentation will result in your application not receiving 5-point preference.

SF-15 and VA Letter - If you are claiming Veterans' Preference based upon a Compensable Disability, Widow or Spouse Entitlement, or as a Purple Heart recipient, you must submit your DD-214 or other proof of entitlement; an SF-15, and the required proof of disability, i.e., Department of Veterans Affairs letter dated 1991 or later. Failure to provide this documentation will result in your application not receiving 10-point preference.

Transcripts - If you wish to qualify for this position based on your education, submit copies of your transcript(s) from accredited colleges or universities for each school attended.


Assessment Exemption Documentation - If you are not a current TSA employee, but claim exemption from the assessment, you must submit a personnel action SF-50(s) to document that you have held a Transportation Security Inspector position at TSA. If you claim exemption, and do not submit this supporting documentation, you may not receive assessment exemption consideration.


HR Help Desk
Phone: 877-872-7990
Fax: 571-258-4052
TDD: 877-872-7992
Agency Information:
DHS/Transportation Security Administration
Shared Service Center
2650 Park Tower Drive
Suite 201
Merrifield, VA
Fax: 571-258-4052


The questionnaire and Writing Skills Assessment will assess your qualifications for the job, and will be used to identify the best qualified applicants to be referred to the hiring manager for further consideration and possible interview. We will notify you of the outcome of these steps when they have been completed. You may also check your application status by visiting the Candidate Dashboard.

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