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If you are looking for an exciting and challenging career, this is the position for you! With a diverse and talented workforce of over 100,000 men and women, Justice leads the Nation in ensuring the protection of all Americans while preserving their constitutional freedoms. You will be part of a dedicated team helping to enforce Federal criminal and civil laws that protect life, liberty and the property of citizens.

The United States Department of Justice is a great place to work. The Department of Justice ranked #5 out of 33 large Federal cabinet agencies and the Executive United States Attorneys Office/United States Attorneys Offices ranked #55 out of 240 agency subcomponents in a study, "The Best Places to Work in the Federal Government, 2013 Ratings" published by the Partnership for Public Service. See

The office is ideally situated among three Metro stations, one block from the Verizon Center, a short walk to the Smithsonian museums on the Mall, and is surrounded by numerous restaurants and shops. In addition, we offer creative work solutions in which we provide compressed work schedules, and flexible work schedules, along with transit subsidy.

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This position is also being announced to applicants eligible to apply through Merit Staffing procedures under14 EOUSA-1114857-MP.

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As Paralegal Specialist in the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act Staff (FOIA/PA) the selectee will provide a wide range of legal support services associated with such functions as impact analysis of legislative, administrative, and judicial decisions, opinions, determinations on matters relevant to the Executive Office of United States Attorneys.

Some of the major duties and responsibilities will include:

  • Process the most complex information requests pertaining to the organization operations ,routinely regarding highly sensitive law enforcement materials developed and maintained in the course of highly technical criminal investigations and prosecutions, as well as defensive litigation.
  • Obtain comprehensive information about records requested under the FOIA/PA and perform detailed analysis of requested records. Routinely coordinate and research with technical staff in each of the USAOs to determine sensitivity of law enforcement, prosecution and varied types of litigation records as well as applicability and appropriateness of FOIA/PA exemptions for withholding information.
  • Conduct analysis of law enforcement records within the scope of requests and consistently evaluate highly sensitive infomration in order to make recommendations concerning public release of the requested material.
  • Prepare letters, reports, and analytic evaluations on a variety of legal matters.
  • Monitor the progress of pending legal matters and initiate action to insure that such matters are properly staffed. Keep appropriate staff members informed about the current status of cases.
  • Prepare detailed correspondences, for all official records, explaining all actions taken in the process of FOIA/PA requests.
  • Respond to congressional inquiries and FOIA requests from reporters which typically concern issues and cases of significant public interest.

Travel Required: 1-2 days per year.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • 1-2 days per year

Relocation Authorized

  • No