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About the Agency

This position is for the Branch Chief, Facilities and Operations Branch located in the Division of Administrative Services (DAS), Office of Information and Resource Management (OIRM), National Science Foundation. The Branch Chief is responsible for providing a wide variety of administrative support services to Foundation employees and for the application of rapidly advancing technologies to existing systems and services. The Branch Chief is also responsible for managing the activities of three sections: the Facilities Management Section, the Security and Emergency Management Section, and the Property and Records Section.


The Branch Chief manages, leads, and coordinates a wide variety of functions, including facilities management, building services and security; procurement; property management , records management, information management policy (forms, issuances, OMB Clearance, etc.), the Information Center, Visitor System, Science Fare, and Announce Channel. The Branch Chief is responsible for managing and growing human resources and organizational assets in the Branch. Performs the full range of supervisory responsibilities and oversees the work of subordinate supervisors in the branch; ensures equity (among Sections) of performance; makes decisions on work problems presented by subordinate supervisors and/or contractors; hears and resolves group grievances or serious employee complaints; reviews and recommends disciplinary actions (e.g., suspensions) involving subordinates; makes decisions on training needs and training requests related to employees of the branch; and recommends awards or bonuses for personnel and changes in position classification.

The Branch Chief’s area of supervision and leadership include the following:

  • Project Management Services – Analyzes the Foundation's overall requirements for space and facilities based upon anticipated volume of operations, staffing levels, known or potential changes in functions, workflow, and future plans for expansion or contraction of operations. Develops plans and makes recommendations for the most efficient use of existing space to meet current and anticipated space needs. Negotiates with the General Services Administration (GSA) and building lessors to adapt existing space or lease additional space for the agency as needed. Develops recommendations for space design.
  • Mail and Services – Directs all aspects of mail operations, including the receipt, dispatch, distribution, collection and security 4 mail at all NSF locations to ensure the rapid and accurate flow of paper communications to and from NSF.
  • Property – Directs an excess property program designed to supplement support to the Foundation’s 12,000 grantees and contactors by providing them with excess government scientific equipment at no cost to the grantee.
  • Records Management and Information Management Policy – Oversees the planning, development and direction of the agency's Records Management Program for the disposition of obsolete or outdated files.
  • Information Center Services – Manages the development and provision of comprehensive, consolidated information services for NSF staff and visitors. This includes the Information Center, Visitor System, Announce Channel, and other services.
  • Security – Exercises oversight responsibility for ensuring the safety and security of NSF employees and visitors to the building. Manages the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), energy programs, and other security and safety programs as set forth in mandated legislation and regulations.
The Branch Chief will also:
  • Coordinate with NSF staff, management and representatives of other Government agencies in conjunction with the Foundation's mission in the services provided by the branch.
  • Direct the preparation of internal policies and Foundation directives in response to legislation. Make major adaptations to existing policies or recommends new policies where Foundation guidelines are lacking or inappropriate for the functional areas assigned.
  • Personally prepare or direct the conduct of long- and short-range projects and studies in the functional areas of responsibility to facilitate the overall planning of systems and services for the Foundation. Evaluate the relative value, technical risks, and feasibility of procedural changes within the branch and determines whether benefits realized will enhance the efficiency and productivity of the branch.
  • Serve as the DAS representative to various ad hoc and other informal or formal meetings with the Office of Information and Resource Management and other directorate-level elements of the Foundation. As the DAS representative, attends Government-wide conferences and meetings related to branch activities.
  • Provide advice to top-level management on program and policy issues in all areas wider than the incumbent’s jurisdiction. Develop long-range objectives and plans in these areas and presents briefings and recommendations concerning these objectives and plans to top-level Foundation management officials (e.g., the Director, Assistant Directors, and staff Office Directors).

Relocation Authorized

  • No