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Business Component: Assistant Administrator for NextGen, NAS Systems Engineering Services Office, Business Operations Services Division, ANG-B5

No Permanent Change of Station (PCS) payments are authorized.


If you are selected for this position, you will serve as a Computer Scientist in the NAS Systems Engineering Services Office, Business Operations Services Division, ANG-B5 and will support the resolution of complex business problems. You will work closely with users, customers, and stakeholders to support the development of computer technology solutions that address enterprise decision-making questions and improves visibility of information in the domains of systems engineering, planning and enterprise architecture. Typical duties will include: 1. Overseeing the technical design, development and implementation of information technology solutions; 2. Working to educate and support users, customers and Executives seeking to leverage available tools and information products; 3. Exercising day-to-day software life-cycle management processes of an existing suite of applications; 4. Providing technical guidance and performance support as the Contracting Officer Representative for assigned support contracts; 5. Managing an integrated systems engineering technology roadmap and environment for ANG-B tools; 6. Supporting the transformation of customer business requirements into systems and information solutions; 7. Leading the development of data visualization, specialty reports, and or dashboards etc., to communicate performance and improve agency decision making insight using information; 8. Educating users on how best to leverage existing software to solve challenges of analyzing available datasets; and 9. Supporting the information architect in maintaining data management and information integrity standards.