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NSF has the advantages of a small agency environment that fosters collaboration, creativity and opportunities to contribute to major agency-wide projects. Consistently ranked by its employees as one of the top federal agencies in managing its workforce, NSF maintains a creative, flexible, and collegial atmosphere and is respected in both the federal and scientific arenas for its work in promoting science, technology, education and management best practices. Join our team at one of the best places to work in the federal government and use your knowledge and imagination to keep NSF at the frontier of discovery!
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This position is located in the Office of the Assistant Director (OAD) for the Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR) of the National Science Foundation (NSF).  The Directorate is the focal point for NSF as a lead Federal agency providing funding for research and development in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education.  EHR is composed of the Division of Graduate Education (DGE), the Division of Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings (DRL), the Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE), and the Division of Human Resource Development (HRD).  The EHR OAD plans, formulates, justifies, executes, and manages the EHR budget currently in excess of $830 million and serves as the principal point of contact with other NSF organizations when representing the program needs of EHR to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Congress.


The Administrative Specialist provides specialized administrative support to the Directorate executive and senior leadership team in the Office of the Assistant Director (OAD) including the Assistant Director (AD), Deputy Assistant Director (DAD), Senior Advisors, and Experts. The Administrative Specialist provides administrative support for management planning, meeting planning, scheduling, and coordinating and organizing policy and directorate activities; analyzes logistical issues and recommends options during planning and policy formulation activities, and leads the coordination of events, conferences, meetings, for the OAD senior executive leadership team and other senior Directorate staff as required  Major duties include;

 - Working with the OAD executive and leadership team on special assignments and projects of a sensitive and/or high priority nature.

- Serves as a liaison between EHR OAD and the executive offices of other NSF Directorates, the NSF Director, and other national and international organizations.

- Works in collaboration with EHR senior management to formulate decisions regarding change in responsibilities or business needs, improves program effectiveness by monitoring and assessing complex administrative processes and projects by applying analytical methods and techniques.

- Researches a wide variety of subjects and analyzes data and information in order to provide the OAD executive and senior leadership team with authoritative information and material which is utilized in the preparation of reports, policy documents, speeches, etc., in connection with congressional hearings, and national and international conferences and negotiations.

- Exercises considerable independence and sound judgment in making decisions of a routine nature; prepares agendas, briefs of files and reports for the executive leadership team for use in conference discussions and meetings.


Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No