Job Overview


About the Agency

Department of Defense (DoD)
Defense Human Resources Activity (DHRA)

Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC)

Identity Services Division (IS)

Mission Statement

DMDC maintains the central repository of Department of Defense (DoD) Human Resource Information, both current and historic. DMDC collects, provides, and utilizes this information for the benefit of decision makers in the DoD and other government agencies. Additionally, DMDC is the central source of identification and authentication of people in the DoD for identity protection, security, entitlements, and benefits verification. DMDC also provides management information, research, and analysis of manpower, personnel, training, and financial databases for use by DoD decision makers.

This position is located in the Identify Services Division (IS), Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC), in Alexandria Virginia.  Serves as program analyst in the Synchronized Pre-deployment and Operational Tracker (SPOT) Program Management Office, Identify Services (IS) Division, DMDC.

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WHO MAY BE CONSIDERED: This announcement is open to: All U.S. Citizens


As a Program Analyst you will be responsible for the following duties:

•      Reviews prior, current, and budget year program estimates, contractor reports, and the overall SPOT program plan to estimate, assure  compatibility, realism, and proper program balance and planning for short-term and five-year funding requirements.

•      Provides managerial advice, analyzes, evaluates, and coordinates guidance on program management issues. Evaluates program and related project initiatives and measures effectiveness for attainment of objectives.

•      Develops policies, procedures, and methods required for accomplishing the evaluation of the SPOT program and efforts.

·         Evaluates the progress of the SPOT program.

·         Reviews and analyzes program progress reports received from all entities and identifies areas wherein the programs are not progressing or being accomplished as planned.

·         Reviews and analyzes basic regulations, directives, and program guidance. Interprets and disseminates required information to program elements. Where guidelines are inappropriate, limited or scarce, the incumbent is required to develop internal guidance, policy and procedures.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Occasionally

Relocation Authorized

  • No