Job Overview


About the Agency

This position is located in the Federal Trade Commission, Bureau of Competition, Mergers IV Division. The Mergers IV Division consists of lawyers and investigators who work exclusively on antitrust matters. The Mergers IV Division reviews mergers across a broad array of industries, with recent emphasis on mergers in the following industries: retail, consumer goods and hospitals.


The Bureau of Competition of the FTC is looking to fill the Assistant Director position in the Mergers IV Division, which is one of six litigation divisions responsible for antitrust investigations in a variety of industries. The Bureau champions the rights of the American consumer by promoting and protecting free and vigorous competition; reviews mergers and acquisitions, and challenges those that would likely lead to high prices, fewer choices, or less innovation; seeks out and challenges anticompetitive conduct in the marketplace, including monopolization and agreements between competitors; promotes competition in industries where consumer impact is high, such as health care, real estate, oil and gas, technology, and consumer goods; and provides information, and holds conferences and workshops for consumers, businesses, and policy makers on competition issues and market analysis.  As Assistant Director of the Mergers IV Division, the incumbent will oversee antitrust investigations in industries ranging from hospitals and physicians to consumer goods and retail.