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This position is located in the Property and Records Section (PR), Facilities Operation Branch, Division of Administrative Services. The Section provides a central consolidated source for the agency's Property program and Records program. This includes the implementation of the donation program for excess federal equipment to elementary and secondary schools. PR Section also has oversight for information management policy, the Visitor System, Reception and Information Desk, Science Fare and Announce Channel and performs related tasks concerning the effective management of agency property and records for accountability and tracking.


The employee administers all transactions for the in-house personal property tracking system and verifies accuracy of data to ensure annual submission to DFM for agency financial reports to OMB are timely and complete. Conducts periodic physical inventory of all accountable and capitalized NSF government owned equipment. Provides documentation of inventory findings to division property custodians for reconciliation and verification, performs assignments related to  the Grantee Property Administrator in the transfer of excess government personal property to Foundation grantees, and determines appropriate documentation regarding property transfers. Provides training and guidance to agency AO's and division property custodians. Coordinates the in-house and contractor held inventories of government owned computer equipment. Regularly reviews existing federal, NSF and Property program guidelines and keeps up with significant changes to regulations, ensures agency compliance with all government regulations regarding the use and reporting of personal property including inventories, studies, and surveys. Attends property management seminars and conferences for the purpose of exchanging ideas and information and learning new policies and procedures.

Identifies and reviews agency records management needs and impact of applicable legislation and regulations on electronic records management and the Presidential OMB and NARA directives on managing and preserving official electronic records. Assists in the development and implementation of records procedures, systems and schedules to meet overall agency goals and objectives of records management and compliances with Federal Records requirements.

Provides advice and guidance to NSF management and staff on all aspects of records management, including legal requirements, FOIA requests from the NSF/OGC, agency policies and efficient and effective procedures for the maintenance, protection and disposition of official records. This includes advice on issues in which there may not be a precedent or an interpretation of the regulations may be required.

Assists Section Supervisor with developing plans consistent with agency goals and policies and regulatory requirements for the operations of records programs in NSF divisions, directorates and staff offices. This includes performing research to address unique or complicated situations that may arise in the various divisions.

Monitors the implementation of records program; directs and coordinates the activities of the approximately 60 Records custodians throughout the agency.

Ensures the transmittal of approved records schedules and related data changes to NSF personnel on the records program.

Reviews, analyzes and provides recommendations on procedures of the FRC’s accession and disposal functions. Performs assessments of records management and recommends solutions for the future records storage/space, equipment and system needs.

Implements the program to provide for the conversion of paper records to digital forms for electronic maintenance and dissemination. Researches and recommends new and emerging technologies to evaluate and identify best applications for digitizing, scanning and conversion to electronic formats.

Relocation Authorized

  • No