Job Overview


About the Agency

This position is located in the Property and Records Section (PR), Facilities Operation Branch, Division of Administrative Services. The Section provides a central consolidated source for the agency's Property program and Records program. This includes the implementation of the donation program for excess federal equipment to elementary and secondary schools. PR Section also has oversight for information management policy, the Visitor System, Reception and Information Desk, Science Fare and Announce Channel and performs related tasks concerning the effective management of agency property and records for accountability and tracking.


The employee assists with the administration and disposal of property. Works as part of a team to perform basic aspects of administering transactions for the in-house personal Property Tracking System. (PTS) Works under close supervision to assist with the following aspects of system administration:
• Ensure barcode assignment and tracking for all accountable and capitalized government-owned equipment,
• Update PTS database with all new additions and deletions,
• Provide current property inventory reports to division property custodians,
• Coordinate property intake and barcode procedures with agency shipping and receiving operations at NSF headquarters and warehouse locations,
• Train property custodians regarding use of the PTS and responsibilities for inventorying,
• Reconcile inventory data with P-1 contractor,
• Make procedure recommendations,
• Perform inventory reconciliation,
• Administer annual on-line property certification in the PTS,
• Process grantee SF-122’s,
• Administer the Computers for Learning Program,
• Assist with CFO audit of annual property reporting.

The employee will assist in monitoring of the records program; providing basic instructions in support of the activities of records custodians at the agency. Utilizes established documentation and instructions to respond to basic questions from Records Custodians in routine matters pertaining to records management, including the establishment of file systems, records disposition programs, records storage areas and ensures the adequacy of documentation of agency records operations. Carries out internal procedures pertaining to accessioning, storage, reference services, work measures and records disposal. Performs basic utilization of the electronic records management system.

This is a developmental position at the grade 07 and has a target grade of 12.

Relocation Authorized

  • No