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Finance internships are available in two related departments: Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and Structured Finance (SF). Small and Medium Enterprises supports American investment abroad by providing long-term small to medium size loans to small and middle market clients in a wide variety of projects, while Structured Finance provides larger, long-term loans to finance large infrastructure projects.
In either department, interns serve as junior financial analysts and can be involved in all stages of project development as part of a project team. Interns may review applications for financing and financial statements, build or analyze models of projected project cash flows, research various policy issues, prepare country economic and political risk analyses, prepare credit reviews of outstanding loans and work with Investment Officers to review and monitor problem accounts.


OPIC is seeking an intern to assist with the development and execution of a new public/private partnership called Enterprise Development Network (EDN).  EDN is a strategic alliance between OPIC and the private sector designed to identify and fund developmental, creditworthy investment projects in emerging markets. The intern will be responsible for assisting in all aspect of developing EDN including gathering information, writing research papers, modeling financial information, communicating with private and public firms, and processing deals.  the intern will be exposed to various stages of project development and a broad range of issues related to OPIC's credit approval process and strategic planning.

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  • Not Required

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  • No