Job Overview


About the Agency

The Office of Investment Policy (OIP) analyzes proposed investment projects to ensure their eligibility for OPIC assistance with regard to the agency's policies on worker rights and environmental standards, employment and development and market effects; performs risk analyses and portfolio analyses; and monitors existing projects to assure continued adherence to contractual provisions and statutory requirements.

The Economic Impact Analysis Group internship involves working with staff economists to manage and develop summaries of data collected by OIP.  We are seeking someone with an interest in international development or international economics who has a strong background in quantitative analysis, such as statistics and/or econometrics.  Experience with Excel and/or Access is desired.
This internship offers students the opportunity to apply their graduate training in the areas of development and trade economics as well as international finance, combining both private and public sector interests. 


As an intern, you will:

  • Perform research and analyze the impact of potential investments in emerging markets and the U.S. economy.
  • Assess socio-economic development impacts of proposed investments.
  • Conduct special projects such as in-depth research on particular countries and regions, or sectors of industry.
  • Perform industry analyses on U.S. industries, examining production, consumption, employment and trade trends. 
  • Provide assistance in monitoring & evaluation of active projects.
  • Provide assistance in establishing risk measurement methodologies with respect to regional, country, and sectoral concentrations.