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About the Agency

Office of Investment Policy
The Office of Investment Policy analyzes proposed investment projects to ensure their eligibility for OPIC assistance with regard to the agency's policies on worker rights and environmental standards, employment and development and market effects; performs risk analyses and portfolio analyses; and monitors existing projects to assure continued adherence to contractual provisions and statutory requirements.


The environmental intern will work with OPIC’s environmental staff to:

  • Identify, collect and provide in-depth analysis of potential environmental and social impacts of projects under consideration for OPIC support in the areas of debt finance, insurance or equity finance using international guidelines and standards.  Projects include a wide range of industries such as renewable energy, manufacturing, construction and financial intermediaries. 
  • Provide guidance to prospective clients regarding the appropriate content, procedures and format for conducting and presenting Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, Initial Environmental and Social audits, Environmental and Social Management Plans and Annual Environmental and Social Reports.
  • Assess potential environmental and social impacts of projects and ensure appropriate mitigation measures are included in a project's environmental and social action plan.
  • Assist in making recommendations to OPIC management regarding project eligibility and conditionality on environmental and social grounds and specify environmental and social conditions of default to be included in OPIC finance, insurance, and investment fund agreements.
The intern may also conduct research on important environmental policy issues such as climate change or renewable energy technologies.

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No