Job Overview


 The Department of Veterans Affairs is interested in attracting the best talent for our diverse cadre of SES members from all sources: within VA, the Federal government, and from the private sector. We have streamlined our recruitment process and now only require you to submit a 5 page resume to apply for this position. Because of this improvement, we are only announcing our positions for 14 days

The VA Southwest Health Care Network - VISN 18 covers 352,000 square miles of highly diverse geography across Arizona, New Mexico, the Western portion of Texas, and bordering areas in Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Much of the serviced area is rural and highly rural some of which is in extremely high cost areas. The Network Director provides strategic direction, operational oversight, clinical review and financial management across this diverse geographic region, assuring an integrated approach to patient care.

VISN 18 consists of 7 Health Care Systems, 5 hospitals, 6 VA nursing home units, 3 domicillaries, and 42 community based outpatient clinics with more than 10,000 employees servicing more than 247,000 Veteran patients delivered through on-site, telehealth, and technology enhanced models. The number and scope of community based outpatient clinics has steadily increased over the past few years and is scheduled to continue increasing for the next two to three years. In calendar year 2013, VISN 18 maintained more than 1300 inpatient beds and treated 28,000 inpatients annually while supporting 3 million outpatient visits. The budget for FY13 was $1.956 billion with 10,045 FTE.

Network health care services include inpatient acute care, outpatient and primary care, mental health services, psychosocial rehabilitation, geriatrics care, long-term care, diagnostic services, specialized care such as Blind Rehabilitation, traumatic brain injury, and Spinal Cord Injury care, general rehabilitation services, prosthetics, and sensory aids. Hospital surgical areas include the use of robotics. Changing Veteran demographics is driving mission changes throughout the network, requiring the need to realign resources to areas of operational growth.

The VISN has three major medical school affiliations, along with specialized programs in opthalmology and osteopathics. There are also agreements to train health care providers specializing in serving highly rural areas. Active affiliations exist in almost all associated health professions. Other training programs such as Graduate Health Administration Training Program and Technical Career Field training is active throughout the network. VISN-wide employee development and leadership training, including scholarships such as NNEI, EDRP, SLRP and Network unique programs such Dollars for Scholars are utlilized. 


VA structures its SES positions into pay bands. This is a Pay Band 1 position. The salary for this position is capped at $181,500.

Permanent Change of Station (PCS) costs, a recruitment/relocation incentive, and/or Appraised Value Offer (formerly Guaranteed Home Buyout) may be authorized.


The Network Director, is responsible to the Under Secretary for Health, through the DUSHOM. The position requires the effective and economical direction, control, and operation of the Southwest Health Care Network (VISN 18).  The responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Operation of the network office to provide strategic direction, operational oversight, clinical review, and resources management to the facilities under its direction.

Executive level management of multiple components of the VISN including primary, secondary, and tertiary care medical centers, multi-specialty and sole practitioner clinics, nursing homes, counseling centers, and telehealth services which provide patient care, graduate medical education and research, and DOD contingency support.

 Establishing Network level vision and goals that align with VA's and VHA's strategic plan.

Formulating and implementing major operating plans and policies to be executed by the 10,000+ employees involved in both providing Veteran patient services and analyzing the provision of those services.

Developing and administering a balanced financial and business plan for a multi-billion dollar budget.

Serving as a role model in developing and maintaining supportive working relationships with community organizations, other Federal agencies and branches of government, and Veteran Service Organizations.

Ensuring funding for, and monitoring employee development programs, to ensure a trained workforce to provide services to Veteran patients.

Travel Required

  • 25% or Greater
  • Less than 50%

Relocation Authorized

  • Yes
  • Relocation Expenses will be authorized.