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Office of the Chief Financial Officer 
The Office of the Chief Financial Officer comprises the Budget Office, Financial Management, Corporate Performance and Strategic Planning (Internal Controls and Strategic Planning), Portfolio Management, Risk Management, and Credit Policy. Internships vary according to the office in which the intern is working but duties may include: assisting staff on risk and credit analysis and assessment; budget development, implementation and assessment; accounting, auditing and internal control assessment; or portfolio servicing and monitoring.


Responsibilities include providing assistance in (i) establishing global risk measurement and management methodologies with respect to regional, country, sector and customer concentrations, (ii) evaluating portfolio risk and historical performance (iii) enhancement of risk database design and analytical reviews (iii) other risk management responsibilities. Intern will obtain exposure to transactions in all of OPIC's product lines. This internship provides a unique opportunity for an intern to get a global view of OPIC’s portfolio and the agency’s four lines of business.