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The U.S. Department of the Treasury has a distinguished history dating back to the founding of our nation. As the steward of U.S. economic and financial systems, Treasury is a major and influential leader in today's global economy. We have over 100,000 employees across the country and around the world. Come Join the Department of the Treasury and Invest in Tomorrow.

WHAT DOES AN ECONOMIST DO? As an Economist, you will be an expert in transfer pricing and the valuation of tangible and intangible products, services and assets, serving as an advisor and consultant to others such as revenue agents, international examiners, trial attorneys and management officials of the Internal Revenue Service. You will be responsible for the review of transfer pricing studies and conducting independent analyses of transfer prices and determination of appropriate transfer prices. In this position, you will be responsible for the planning, execution and completion of research and analyses that require a wide variety of economic expertise.

WHAT IS THE LARGE BUSINESS AND INTERNATIONAL (LB&I) DIVISION OF THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE? The Large Business and International (LB&I) business unit provides service and enforcement activities to support tax compliance of businesses and related entities with assets of $10 million or more, as well as small U.S. businesses engaged in international, U.S. citizens abroad, and foreign persons and businesses with a U.S. tax requirement. As our name suggests, international tax administration is an important part of what we do in LB&I. As part of the LB&I team, you will be assigned to work in International. Regardless of where you serve, you will be supported by a variety of specialists (economists, engineers, field specialists and technical advisors) as you tackle the most complex tax issues.
Three (3) positions are being filled in Transfer Pricing Operation (East) at any of the following locations: Washington, DC, New York City, NY, OR Edison, NJ.

The anticipated start date is 07/14/2014. This announcement has been extended until 4/30/2014.


As an Economist you will:

  • Perform research and analyses involved in examinations that include complex issues covering transfer pricing within an extensive range of industries and fields of specializations;
  • Conduct various kinds of microeconomic research and analyses that require the study of economic structure, business practices and functions;
  • Review and analyze economic, statistical, and tax data to determine the existence of a potential economic or valuation issues;
  • Develop an effective workplan, conducts research in databases, professional journals and publications, government publications and studies by other economists;
  • Perform analyses to determine value of tangible and intangible products, serves, and assets, and evaluates the values and analysis reported by taxpayers;
  • Provide expert technical advice concerning official action that will affect the economy;
  • Provide advice, counsel and recommendations to other economists and operating officials based on findings, interpretations and informal suggestions.
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Travel Required

  • 25% or Greater
  • Travel locally and/or overnight approximately 1 to 6 nights per month.

Relocation Authorized

  • No