Job Overview


The National Guard is the oldest component of the Armed Forces of the United States.  Since the earliest American colonial days, citizens have joined together for collective defense.  We have a proud tradition of coming to the aid of our friends and neighbors in times of serious emergencies.  Join our National Guard team and serve your nation, your State and your community!

NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED:  This is an excepted position that requires membership in a compatible military assignment in the North Carolina Army National Guard.  Selectee will be required to wear the military uniform.  Acceptance of an excepted position constitutes concurrence with the requirements as a condition of employment.  Applicants must be current members of the North Carolina Army National Guard.

WHO CAN APPLY: The area of consideration for this position is STATEWIDE.  Applications will only be accepted from current military members of the North Carolina Army National Guard.

POSITION INFORMATION:  Full-time Excepted Service  (Permanent)


MD #: 1221-210L


Analyzes maintenance capabilities, production effectiveness, equipment reliability, areas of deficiency, and trends of various small maintenance shops.  Projects involve surveys, comparisons, and studies of current and past operations.  Defines requirements and extent of study, methods, sources used, and manner of presentation.  Determines significance of computed statistics, interprets results, and states conclusions developed.  Determines deficiencies, high failures, and man-hour consumption areas.  Makes constructive recommendations for improving maintenance methods and procedures.  Compares maintenance requirements with actual performance and determines effectiveness of operations.  Performs field surveys for the purpose of developing job standards on maintenance actions. Reviews, extracts, analyzes, and collates maintenance data and prepares maintenance summaries from reports submitted by subordinate maintenance activities.  Summarizes and interprets significant data collected and relates this data to maintenance plans, standards, and actions.  Identifies and analyzes deficiencies in resource consumption, training, workload, and scheduling; evaluates deviations from standards and plans; and determines causes and impact on maintenance mission.  Assists work center supervisory personnel in interpreting and utilizing reports and information provided.  Develops charts, graphs, tables, and visual media to present trends, performance status, capabilities, and related management information.  Aids functional areas in identifying areas of record documentation and procedures, which can be streamlined, combined, or improved, and initiates methods to operate under the new or revised system. Advises when manpower authorization appears unbalanced, based on analytical and statistical studies, as directed.  Identifies and validates manning required to support the organizational mission by use of various forecasting and statistical techniques.  Evaluates changes in the operational plan for the program that will affect the maintenance capability forecast.  Serves as a management information systems manager for the branch.  Analyzes automation needs and recommends systems architecture for all maintenance operations.  Develops, collects, and maintains various data used to evaluate and improve the maintenance effort.  Monitors data input and output products between the maintenance function and data automation.  Evaluates data from any source, which is significant to the maintenance operation. The incumbent may be required to prepare for and support the mission through the accomplishment of duties pertaining to military training, military readiness, force protection and other mission related assignments including, but not limited to, training of traditional Guard members, CWDE/NBC training, exercise participation (ORE/ORI/UCI/MEI/OCI/IG, etc.), mobility exercise participation, FSTA/ATSO exercise participation, SABC training, LOAC training, weapons qualification training, participation in military formations, and medical mobility processing within the guidelines of NGB/ARNG/ANG/State/TAG rules, regulations and laws. 

Performs other duties as assigned.

PD: D1256000

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No