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NIST currently has an internship position located in the Engineering Laboratory. The person selected will support projects related to energy efficiency in buildings and the use of solar energy. Tasks involve the setting up, instrumenting, and programming of experiments as well as analysis of data from those experiments. Topics that may be covered include photovoltaics, solar water heating, net-zero energy buildings, thermal insulation, water heating, and sensors. Candidates will work closely with project engineers who will mentor them and educate them on proper ways to carry out scientific research related to energy.

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Programming of hardware using the LabVIEW programming environment to conduct and collect data from scientific experiments; analysis of data using spreadsheets or mathematical analysis programs such as Mathematica, Matlab, or Maple; assist technicians in installing instrumentation to collect data such as temperature, relative humidity, pressure, heat flow, water flow, electrical energy consumption, and fossil fuel energy consumption; calibration of sensors; review of scientific literature to understand status of particular research areas; development of computer simulation models to predict energy performance of equipment in buildings.