Job Overview


Applications will be accepted from all interested qualified individuals.

**This is an interdisciplinary job.   Series assigned to individual positions under this job will be selected from the following list and will be determined based on the selectee's paramount qualifications at the time of selection.   Series include:  0801 and 1301**

This is a Tier 1 position.   Salary for Tier 1 positions in Army is normally between $120,749 and $167,000.   Pay is set based on consideration of selectee's current salary and other factors.

The Department of the Army is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Civilian employees serve a vital role in supporting the Army mission. They provide the skills that are not readily available in the military, but crucial to support military operations. The Army integrates the talents and skills of its military and civilian members to form a Total Army.

This position is in the Senior Executive Service (SES) which is a small elite group of top government leaders.   SES members possess a diverse portfolio of experiences including strong skills to lead across organizations.   As a Senior Executive, you will influence the direction of innovation and transformation of the federal government and lead the next generation of public servants


Serves as the Director, Engineering Directorate of the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC), U.S. Army Research Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) exercising full technical and managerial responsibility for planning, organizing, and managing advanced engineering development, first buy manufacturing  technology and industrial engineering programs for Chemical and Biological Defense (CBDP) and Chemical/Biological Elimination equipment/materiel.   Represents Army (Executive Agent of the CBDP) and DoD on capabilities needed to address complex CBRNE issues world-wide to effectively accomplish US policy goals in Countering WMD.   Manages over $350M in unique infrastructureto include life cycle engineering support for the CBDP inclusive of Special Access Programs, Chemical/Biological Elimination engineering, Advanced Design and Manufacturing, Engineering Test, Logistics and Product Support, and Process Quality.   Programs involve functions such as Chemical and Biological Surety and non-surety operations, pyrotechnics, smoke/obscurants, maintenance operations, experimental fabrication, and in-house non-contractua ltest facilities for engineering testing & evaluation (T&E) of emerging defense solutions to counter both traditional and non-traditional chemical orbiological threat agents.   Manages a budget of reimbursable funding of approximately $180M.  Provides leadership of high level interactions between ECBC and the RDECOM for matters related to mission.   Oversees a workforce of 543 combined military and civilians employees, and over 100 support contractors.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Occasional Travel (25% or Less)

Relocation Authorized

  • Yes