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-- An agency whose responsibilities touch the lives of all Americans, and contributes to the Nation's environmental quality, economic vitality, and the well-being of communities, including those of Native Americans, Alaska Natives and affiliated Islanders?

The Department of the Interior has a multifaceted mission that combines natural resource protection, recreation, natural resource use, services to communities and individuals, and biological and earth sciences.   We are seeking individuals who share a passion for our country's most valuable resources and a commitment to obtaining, training, and retaining a highly skilled and diverse workforce needed to accomplish our exciting and challenging mission.  

The Department of the Interior:

·          Manages one in every five acres of land in the United States.

·          Operates more than 800 dams and irrigation facilities.

·          Oversees water projects that irrigate lands generating 60 percent of our Nation's vegetables.

·          Manages lands and waters that generate one-third of the Nation's domestic energy supply.

·          Undertakes research and provides scientific information to advance our knowledge of our surroundings.

·          Serves American Indians, Alaska Natives, and affiliated island communities.

·          Works with States to restore abandoned mine land sites and protects communities.

·          Manages 388 national park units and 542 wildlife refuges.

·          Employs over 75,000 individuals at approximately 2,400 locations across the United States, Puerto Rico, U.S. territories, and freely associated states who work with thousands of state, local, and public interest groups to help cities and towns address their natural resource needs.


NOTE:  Special requirements for current and former political appointees.  See How to Apply section for more information. 

The incumbent of this position serves as an Administrative Judge on the Interior Board of Indian Appeals (IBIA).   The Board is an appellate review body that acts as the authorized representative of the Secretary of the Interior for considering and determining as fully and finally as might the Secretary, appeals from decisions of Departmental officials involving Indian matters.   The Board is located in the Department's Office of Hearings and Appeals, and exercises independent review authority over decisions of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and in some cases decisions of the Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs and other Departmental officials, arising from the Department's relationship and dealing with individual Indians and Indian tribes.   The Board also considers and determines appeals from decisions rendered by Administrative Law Judges and Indian Probate Judges regarding the inheritance of Indian trust property.   In addition, the Board may consider and decide any other matter pertaining to Indian affairs which may be specially referred to it by the Secretary or the Director, Office of Hearings and Appeals.   As a member of the IBIA, the incumbent is assigned to participate in a panel of judges through which the IBIA, as the authorized representative of the Secretary, reviews and decides appeals where a right of appeal is provided by regulation.   The incumbent will prepare decisions on appeal in Indian cases involving a wide variety of statutes and regulations pertaining to Indian law.

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