Job Overview


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These are TEMPORARY positions with the Arcata Fish and Wildlife Office, located in Arcata or Weaverville, California. The duration of these appointments will not exceed one year in duration; however, they may be extended without further competition if the need continues and funding is available. Maximum total appointment will not exceed 2 years.

You will perform fisheries field survey work relating to problems impacting anadromous fish in Northwestern California.

Positions will be filled at the GS-6 and/or GS-7 level.  There is no promotion potential with these positions.

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Perform field work relating to fish populations and associated aquatic habitat conditions in northwestern California.

Conduct field sampling techniques that may include seining, electrofishing, underwater observation, weir operation, water velocity and river discharge measurement, acoustic and radio telemetry, and habitat typing.

Conduct fish and fish habitat related field investigations and surveys such as creel census, fish tagging, recovery operations, fish habitat use and instream flow studies.

Compute, compile, and summarize data in tabular, graphic, or narrative form.

Operate boats up to 25 feet in length and utilize technical equipment, such as electroshockers, nets, seines, survey equipment, and microscopes.

Assist in planning multifaceted fisheries studies by contributing ideas, determining research methods, establishing practical procedures for accomplishing and reporting the work and determining other needs, such as costs, equipment and personnel.

Assist biologists in monitoring, assessment, and preparation of reports of fish and fish population in response to large-scale river restoration and land water management.

Note: At the GS-06 level, duties will be performed under closer supervision.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • May be required to travel up to 4 nights per week, generally from February - October, in order to perform field investigations.

Relocation Authorized

  • No