Job Overview


About the Agency

A successful candidate in this position will serve as the Reindustrialization Project Manager for the Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management responsible for the transition of DOE assets such as buildings, land, and infrastructure that are no longer needed to the private sector in order to accelerate cleanup and promote economic development at the East Tennessee Technology Park.


As an Environmental Engineer/General Engineer/Physical Scientist, you will:

1.  Plan, implement, and/or oversee projects that involve the transfer of underutilized DOE assets, including land, buildings, and infrastructure to the commercial sector;

2.  Provide program recommendations that are related to asset disposition, facility reuse, and shut down/transition of infrastructure and implement those recommendations to ensure program goals and objectives are met;

3.  Interact with representatives from the OREM, Oak Ridge Office; DOE Headquarters, and the local community to implement work and foster partnerships;

4.  Participate in discussions and negotiations with Federal, State, and local government representatives, including regulators, in order to comply with requirements;

5.  Serve as a Contracting Officer's Representative for assigned projects which includes reviewing, updating and interpreting contract documents, providing technical direction, and reviewing and approving project schedules and cost estimates to assure that project objectives are met within schedule and cost;

6.  Ensure project related environmental, safety, and health requirements are implemented for the protection of human health and the environment;

7.  Prepare program materials including plans, status/trend reports, and issue papers that will be provided to management, customers, and other stakeholders; and

8.  Prepare and make presentations on assigned activities for management, customers, and other stakeholders.