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This position is located in the Directorate for Biological Sciences, Office of the Assistant Director.  

The Directorate for Biological Sciences at NSF supports research to advance understanding of the principles and mechanisms governing life.  Research studies extend across  systems that encompass biological molecules, cells, tissues, organs, organisms, populations, communities, and ecosystems up to and including the global biosphere.  Comprehensive concepts that bridge and unify the diverse areas of biology include complexity, robustness, communications, resilience, adaptability and cooperation.  Achieving a coherent understanding of the complex biological web of interaction that is life is a major challenge of the future.  This challenge will require that knowledge abut the structure and dynamics of individual biological units, networks, sub-systems and systems be compiled and connected from the molecular to the global level and across scales of time and space.  Integral to all activities across the Directorate is a commitment to integrate research and education, broaden participation and promote international partnerships.

To learn more visit:  The Directorate for Biological Sciences.


The Executive Assistant serves as a personal assistant in a confidential capacity working closely with the Assistant Director with responsibilities for providing administrative support to the Assistant Director (AD) and the BIO Executive team (Division Directors and Senior Advisors).  Specific duties include:  Serving as a confidential assistant to the Assistant Director and handling confidential and sensitive information with discretion; serving as liaison between BIO and other offices of NSF's other Assistant Directors, the NSF Director, and other national and international organizations; working with senior staff to formulate decisions regarding business needs, improve effectiveness by monitoring and assessing complex management processes and projects by applying analytical methods and techniques; researching a wide variety of subjects and analyzing data and information in order to provide the AD with authoritative information and material with which to utilize the preparation of reports, policy documents, speeches, etc.; preparing agendas, briefs of files and reports for use in conference discussions and meetings; planning and coordinating travel, accommodations and transportation arrangements; reviewing and assessing travel requests and travel vouchers to assure compliance with Federal Travel Regulations and NSF travel policies and guidance.

Relocation Authorized

  • No