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Business Component: FAA, Alaskan Region, Airports Division

No Permanent Change of Station (PCS) payments are authorized.


Serves as an Airport Certification Safety Inspector (ACSI) responsible for 14 CFR Part 139 compliance for the Office of Airports (ARP), Alaskan Region, Airports Division. This position serves as one of the regional subject matter experts in the area of airport certification and safety. Responsible for conducting periodic and surveillance inspections at Part 139 Airports including the review and approval of all documents associated with the Airport Certification Manual. In addition, an ACSI may be asked to conduct a safety site assessment at general aviation airports within the region. Works with Part 139 Airport Operators to ensure compliance with standards of the 14 CFR part 139 in the areas of records, personnel, paved areas, unpaved areas, safety areas, marking signs, and lighting, snow and ice control, aircraft rescue and firefighting, handling and storing of hazardous substances and materials, traffic and wind direction indicators, airport emergency plan, self-inspection program, pedestrians and ground vehicles, obstructions, protection of NAVAIDS, public protection, wildlife hazard management, airport condition reporting, and identifying, marking and lighting construction and other unserviceable areas.
Reviews Construction Safety Phasing Plans or conducts inspections of airports to ensure operational safety during construction meets current standards. Conducts reviews of wildlife hazard assessments and approvals of wildlife hazard management plans at Part 139 airports and works closely with the airports, Wildlife Biologists, other technical experts, and stakeholders to reduce hazardous wildlife and attractants on and in the vicinity of airports. Ensures the Airport Certification Program is carried out in accordance with the Airport Certification Program Handbook, and the FAA's Compliance and Enforcement Program. Investigates potential regulatory violations and initiates administrative or legal enforcement actions, as appropriate. May be called upon to participate in an investigation of an aircraft accident or incident on or near an airport, as a subject matter expert, under the direction of the National Transportation Safety Board (NSTB) or FAA Flight Standards. Works in collaboration with other Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) organizations to improve surface safety at airports by reviewing or investigating the factors leading to surface incidents, runway incursions, and aircraft excursions.