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This Position Is No Longer Available

Job Title:  Airport Certification & Safety Inspector
Department:  Department Of Transportation
Agency:  Federal Aviation Administration
Job Announcement Number:  AAL-ARP-14-082-34805

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.
$75,814.00 to $117,499.00 / Per Year
Salary range includes 24.69% locality pay. In addition, 5.57% Cost-of-Living Allowance (COLA) is authorized. Locality & COLA are subject to change.
Monday, March 31, 2014 to Monday, June 2, 2014
Full Time - Permanent
1 vacancy - Anchorage, AK   View Map
U.S. Citizens
Public Trust - Background Investigation


About the Agency

Business Component: FAA, Alaskan Region, Airports Division

No Permanent Change of Station (PCS) payments are authorized.


  • US Citizenship is required.
  • Selective Service Registration is required for males born after 12/31/1959.
  • A successful background check is required prior to a firm offer.
  • Position Sensitivity Level: Moderate Risk (5)
  • This is a drug & alcohol testing designated position.
  • Duties require travel up to 80% of the time.
  • A valid driver's license is required.


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Serves as an Airport Certification Safety Inspector (ACSI) responsible for 14 CFR Part 139 compliance for the Office of Airports (ARP), Alaskan Region, Airports Division. This position serves as one of the regional subject matter experts in the area of airport certification and safety. Responsible for conducting periodic and surveillance inspections at Part 139 Airports including the review and approval of all documents associated with the Airport Certification Manual. In addition, an ACSI may be asked to conduct a safety site assessment at general aviation airports within the region. Works with Part 139 Airport Operators to ensure compliance with standards of the 14 CFR part 139 in the areas of records, personnel, paved areas, unpaved areas, safety areas, marking signs, and lighting, snow and ice control, aircraft rescue and firefighting, handling and storing of hazardous substances and materials, traffic and wind direction indicators, airport emergency plan, self-inspection program, pedestrians and ground vehicles, obstructions, protection of NAVAIDS, public protection, wildlife hazard management, airport condition reporting, and identifying, marking and lighting construction and other unserviceable areas.
Reviews Construction Safety Phasing Plans or conducts inspections of airports to ensure operational safety during construction meets current standards. Conducts reviews of wildlife hazard assessments and approvals of wildlife hazard management plans at Part 139 airports and works closely with the airports, Wildlife Biologists, other technical experts, and stakeholders to reduce hazardous wildlife and attractants on and in the vicinity of airports. Ensures the Airport Certification Program is carried out in accordance with the Airport Certification Program Handbook, and the FAA's Compliance and Enforcement Program. Investigates potential regulatory violations and initiates administrative or legal enforcement actions, as appropriate. May be called upon to participate in an investigation of an aircraft accident or incident on or near an airport, as a subject matter expert, under the direction of the National Transportation Safety Board (NSTB) or FAA Flight Standards. Works in collaboration with other Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) organizations to improve surface safety at airports by reviewing or investigating the factors leading to surface incidents, runway incursions, and aircraft excursions.


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To qualify for this position you must demonstrate in your application that you possess at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to FV-H pay band or FG/GS-12 grade level. Specialized experience is experience that has equipped you with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position.

Specialized experience may include (but is not limited to) the following: Experience with airport operations and safety, policies, procedures, rules and regulations pertaining to airport certification, airports design standards, constructions standards and methods, airport safety data program management, and experience interpreting FAA airport related regulations.

Qualification requirements must be met by the closing date of this announcement.
Evaluation Criteria

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA)
1. Knowledge of policies, procedures, rules and regulations pertaining to airport certification.
2. Knowledge of airport operations, design criteria, and safety standards.
3. Knowledge of airport design, construction standards and methods.
4. Ability to convey complex or sensitive administrative, technical or other factual data.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that your work experience supports your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) answers. Your answers and associated work experience will be evaluated further to validate whether the answers that you selected are appropriate. Answers may be adjusted by a Human Resource Specialist as appropriate.

We are not accepting applications from noncitizens.


Applicants may be rated on the extent and quality of experience, education, and training relevant to the duties of the position(s). All answers provided in the on-line process must be substantiated.

To preview the application questionnaire, click the following link: View Application Questionnaire


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You can review our benefits at:


We may use this vacancy to fill other similar vacant positions.
Travel may be required.
Position may be subject to a background investigation.
A one-year probationary period may be required.
The person selected for this position may be required to file a financial disclosure statement within 30 days of entry on duty. FAA policy limits certain outside employment and financial investments in aviation-related companies.

This position requires up to 80% travel. A valid driver's license is required.

Work Environment & Physical Requirements:

This position may require the inspector to drive significant distances (100-300 miles) and requires the inspector to walk considerable distances to inspect airfield pavement, safety areas, lighting, markings, signage, and fueling systems. Frequently this requires working around the hazards of moving aircraft (taxiing, landing, and takeoff) and ground vehicles. The candidate may also be required to lift and/or carry objects of about 20 to 50 pounds, as well as climb ladders and/or work in unusual environmental/weather conditions.

Position requires successful completion of a Basic Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) training course which places the candidate in a strenuous physical heat controlled environment with fire protection suits and self-contained breathing apparatus that could be heavy and awkward.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Program: This position is covered by the Department of Transportation's Drug and Alcohol Testing Program. Any applicant tentatively selected for this position will be subject to pre-employment drug screening. Persons occupying a "testing designated position (TDP)" will be subject to random drug and alcohol testing.

As a part of the Federal-Wide Hiring Reform Initiative (streamlining the hiring process), the FAA is committed to eliminating the use of the Knowledge, Skills and Ability (KSA) narratives from the initial application in the hiring process for all announcements. Therefore, as an applicant for this announcement, you are NOT required to provide a narrative response in the text box listed below each KSA.

In lieu of providing a KSA narrative response in the text box listed below each KSA, in your work history, please include information that provides specific examples of how you meet the response level or answer you chose for each KSA. Your work history examples should be specific and clearly reflect the highest level of ability. Your KSA answers will be evaluated further to validate whether the level that you selected is appropriate based on the work history and experience you provided. Your answers may be adjusted by a Human Resource Specialist as appropriate.

Eligible applicant who meet the minimum qualification requirements, may be further evaluated on the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs); listed in the announcement. Based on this evaluation, applicants will be placed in one of the following categories: score order, category grouping, or alphabetical and referred to the selecting official for consideration.

This is a bargaining unit position.

Links to Important Information: Locality Pay, COLA, Citizenship


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You must apply online to receive consideration. Your application must have a status of "Submitted" by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on the Close Date for it to be accepted. If you are applying for positions associated with FAA registers, your application must have a status of "Submitted" each time a referral list is created in order to receive consideration for positions associated with register.


We strongly encourage applicants to utilize the USAJOBS resume builder in the creation of resumes.

Please ensure EACH work history includes ALL of the following information:
  • Job Title (include series and grade if Federal Job)
  • Duties (be specific in describing your duties)
  • Employer's name and address
  • Supervisor name and phone number
  • Start and end dates including month, day and year (e.g. June 18 2007 to April 05 2008)
  • Full-time or part-time status (include hours worked per week)
  • Salary

  • Determining length of General or Specialized Experience is dependent on the above information and failure to provide ALL of this information may result in a finding of ineligible.

    You may upload completed documents to your USAJOBS Account. This will provide you the opportunity to utilize the uploaded information again when applying for future vacancies. Please see this guide, Document Upload Guide, for more information on uploading and re-using the documents in your applications.


An on line resume is required. Applicants must apply on line via USAJOBS.

If you are claiming veterans' preference, we recommend using the upload feature within USAJOBS to upload and submit your supplemental documents such as your DD214, SF-15, and VA letter - if applicable. You may redact private information such as your SSN and DOB prior to uploading.

If you are unable to use the upload feature, you may fax or mail supplemental documents using a cover sheet with your name, announcement number, and contact phone numbers. Our fax number is: (907) 271-5367, and our mailing address is provided on this announcement under "Agency Information".

Applicants are responsible for completing and submitting all required documents prior to the closing date of this announcement. We cannot review applications prior to the closing date.

Please do not send application documents via the email system. We cannot accept application documents via email.
All Veterans: If you are claiming veterans' preference, you must submit either a DD Form 214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (Member 4 Copy or equivalent), or a document from the armed forces certifying that within 120 days you are expected to be discharged or released from active duty service under honorable conditions. If you are claiming 10 point preference, you must also submit a completed SF-15, Application for 10-Point Veteran's Preference, and supporting documents outlined on the SF-15. Documents must be uploaded or faxed to the Servicing Human Resource Management Office listed in this announcement and all documents must be received by the closing date of the announcement. If you fail to submit documentation, you will be assessed as a non-veteran.

If you are claiming 10 point preference but fail to submit the supporting documents outlined on the SF-15, you will be tentatively assessed as a 5 point preference eligible provided your DD Form 214 reflects that you have the service required to qualify for preference. Documents must be uploaded or faxed to the Servicing Human Resource Management Office listed in this announcement and all documents must be received by the closing date of the announcement. If you fail to submit documentation, you will be assessed as a non-veteran.

Veterans currently on active duty claiming veterans' preference: You will be granted tentative preference if you submit a document from the armed forces certifying that within 120 days you are expected to be discharged or released from active duty service under honorable conditions and your application shows that you have the required service. Prior to being appointed, you must provide to the Servicing Human Resource Management Office a DD Form 214 documenting discharge/release and showing that the service was honorable or general. If you are on terminal leave, you must provide documentation certifying authorized terminal leave.


Ruth C. Egnaty
Phone: (907) 271-5756
Fax: (907) 271-5367
Agency Information:
Federal Aviation Administration
Human Resource Management Office
222 West 7th Ave #14
Anchorage, AK
Fax: (907) 271-5367


Candidates for FAA positions are evaluated using our Automated Vacancy Information Access Tool for Online Referral (AVIATOR) system. AVIATOR compares your skills and experience as described in your application with the requirements of the position. If you are found to be an eligible, highly-qualified candidate, you will be referred to the selecting official for further consideration. (In some cases, individuals with priority for special consideration must be considered and selected before other candidates.) Whether or not you are contacted for an interview depends upon the location of the position and the judgment of the selecting official.

Important - If you make any change to your application, you must resubmit it. If you change your application and do not resubmit it, your changes will not be considered part of your application package, and your previous application will be considered.

FAA is an Equal Opportunity Employer

All qualified applicants will be considered regardless of political affiliation, race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, or other non-merit factors. DOT provides reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities. If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please notify us. Decisions on granting reasonable accommodation will be made on a case-by-case basis. Additional information on reasonable accommodations procedures or on EEO Programs is available on Office of Civil Rights (ACR) or by contacting the local FAA Civil Rights Office.

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