Job Overview


This position is located in the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Division of Extramural Activities (DEA), Grants Management Program (GMP).  The GMP is the focal point for all business-related activities associated with the negotiation, award, and administration of grants and cooperative agreements within the NIAID.

If selected you will serve as a full managerial Deputy to the Director of the Grants Management Program, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and, in the absence of the Director, assume full responsibility for the duties of that position, representing the Director and the Grants Management Program at meetings. This position is a key management position within GMP with delegated responsibilities for overseeing and managing the day-to-day technical and business activities of GMP.  The position has “2nd level” managerial responsibilities over the operation of the three (3) Grants Branches, and does not function as a first level supervisor for grants specialists.


If you are selected for this position you will perform the following duties:

Assist the GMP Director with the planning, direction, implementation and evaluation of NIAID-wide grants and cooperative agreement programs and initiatives in support of NIAID research requirements.


Provide leadership in assessing and evaluating policies and overall activities in all areas of grants administration and develop new or modified policies, procedures, and/or internal controls to improve NIAID’s grants administration program. 


Serve as Deputy Director to the NIAID Director, Grants Management Program (GMP), in providing managerial leadership and oversight of negotiation, award, and administration of grants and cooperative agreements.

In the GMP Director’s absence, and as designated by the Director GMP, NIAID, plan, direct, implement, and evaluate the day-to-day operations of GMP.

Evaluate and monitor the business management capability and  performance of applicant organizations and grantees, and  the internal operating procedures associated with the business management aspects of the grants process.


Serve as the focus for strategic short term and long term planning to address the NIAID’s expanding grants program needs; lead the coordination of all NIAID grants planning initiatives; develop and recommend new or modified plans concerning grants management and administration.

Represent GMP and the NIAID in contacts with the U.S. and international scientific and research community; organize and participate in symposia and discussions; coordinate periodic formal and informal narratives, reports or presentations on the GMP’s programs; and represent the Director, GMP at Division and Institute level meetings, and other committees or conferences.

Oversee the planning, reviewing, negotiating, awarding, monitoring and managing of grants and cooperative agreements. 

Represent GMP’s perspective on various boards and advisory groups within NIAID, NIH and DHHS; serve as a liaison with NIAID, NIH, and DHHS fiscal, administrative, and programmatic officials.


Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Position requires an average of 5 nights per month.

Relocation Authorized

  • No