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Plans, organizes, and coordinates group efforts in the I&R and OJJDP on juvenile delinquency, victimization, and juvenile justice system research; evaluations of programs or policies involving relevant juvenile justice issues; studies examining cost benefit or cost effectiveness related to juvenile justice; and other assigned projects often related to sensitive or complex public policies of national or international significance, often multidisciplinary in nature, and may include research performed by outside consultants.

Serves as a consultant and expert advisor on research and evaluation projects and studies that encompass a wide range of advanced social and behavioral science topics including methods, research, study design and statistical analyses. Serves as a subject-matter expert on studies related to social science at the Federal, State, local and tribal levels.

Prepares organization response to research and evaluation inquiries from the U.S. Congress, the White House, Justice Department officials, private foundations, advocacy organizations, the criminal justice community, academia, the press, and general public. Typically, when the subject under consideration involves novel and/or controversial questions of a technical or policy nature, the information is communicated in a manner appropriate to the audience.

Leads the development of significant collaborative research and evaluation studies with national or international policy or program implications. Directs the technical and organizational components of research and evaluation programs relating to juvenile delinquency, victimization and juvenile justice systems including program development, project management, data collection, data analysis and report writing.