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Why search any longer - we have just the opportunity for you! Come, join us and become a vital part of our Geology Team. Be involved in field investigations and studies involving geological and geohydrologic factors which influence the location or type of potential project features, design, and construction of major water resources structures and water conveyance distribution systems.

This is position is located in the Bureau of Reclamation's Mid-Pacific Region, Division of Design and Construction, Geology Branch, Sacramento, CA.For information on Sacramento, go to website:

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Position may be filled at the GS-07, GS-09 or GS-11 level. Work assignments at the GS-7 or GS-9 are developmental leading to the GS-11 full performance level. The incumbent may be non-competitively promoted to the next grade level of the position upon meeting all regulatory requirements; certification by the supervisor of successful performance; completion of all training requirements; and the availability of work at the next higher grade level. Note: promotion is not automatic. At the full performance GS-11 level, the incumbent serves as a journeyman level Geologist performing the following.

  • Performs geologic tasks, such as field mapping, preparing geologic maps and sections.
  • Performs both surface and subsurface field investigations.
  • Collects, prepares and processes material samples.
  • Prepares detailed field logs and final logs of subsurface conditions. 
  • Assists in the installation of drill hole instrumentation.
  • Prepares geologic drawings, maps, sections, and tables to depict the engineering geologic or geohydrologic conditions found in the field. 
  • Prepares technical memoranda and reports describing field investigations, as-excavated foundation conditions and materials investigations.

Travel Required

  • 50% or Greater
  • Travel is requird approximately 50% of the time.

Relocation Authorized

  • No