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Business Component: Associate Administrator for Airports, Airport Safety and Standards, Airport Safety and Operations

No Permanent Change of Station (PCS) payments are authorized.


This position serves as a program analyst for the Office of Airports (ARP), Airport Safety and Standards, Safety and Operations Division (AAS-300) responsible for managing various administrative and technical functions. Incumbent performs a wide range of complex analytical functions involved in program planning, management, and evaluation within ARP. Other programs include administrative programs and related duties; i.e. complex operational analysis, business planning and reporting, drafting and coordinating Reports to Congress, and managing highly visible controversial ad hoc projects as required. The incumbent will provide leadership and direction to staff and teams conducting complex and controversial studies which result in recommendations to improve organizational processes, structures, and management policies. He/she will conduct management inquiries and/or analytical analysis throughout ARP; advises ARP senior management and agency officials on issues that directly influence policy and operational decisions affecting national and international safety programs managed and directed by ARP. The incumbent will collect airport safety data, and analyze safety databases to determine safety trends, and root causes of accidents and incidents. Incumbent provides analytical-related duties including evaluating complex national programs and policies; developing management processes and policies that are nationwide in applicability; reviews, analyzes and reports the data of national programs by determining and developing baseline performance measurements and comparing performance with the baseline. He/she collects and analyzes data, derives conclusions and makes recommendations based on those conclusions; prepares reports, graphs and charts and provides status updates while identifying areas requiring further analysis. The incumbent gathers, validates and inputs technical data in preparation of monthly Business Plan targets, airport safety reports and dashboards; and responds to airport safety issues raised by members of Congress, the National Transportation Safety Board, Office of the Inspector General, and Government Accountability Office. The incumbent serves as sponsor for airport safety research projects assigned to the FAA Technical Center and is responsible for reviewing and accepting research reports. The incumbent will work with employees and leadership at all levels of the organization.