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The software development team of the Chandra data system division has an opening for a software developer to support data reduction and analysis tools for NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. The talented developer will help extend and maintain data reduction and analysis tools written in C, C++, and Python in a Unix environment. We offer a challenging environment working in partnership with scientists and an existing software development team, to bring Chandra science analysis tools and products to the astronomical community at large. Primary activities are in support of the Chandra data pipelines, analysis system (CIAO) and the Chandra Source Catalog project.  



Duties at the grade 9 level may include, but are not limited to: designing software and participate in all phases of software development lifecycle; developing new software modules to be used in complex software systems supporting data processing and analysis on multiple Unix platforms; maintaining and modifying legacy software; testing and verifying new and existing software; developing user and interface documentation; and providing support to the user community.


In addition to the duties at the grade 9 level, duties at the grade 11 may include but are not limited to: designing, coding and debugging software components/modules to support scientific data analysis and reduction, and data archiving and retrieval on workstation computer and image display systems and assisting other programmers and scientists in developing programs for and in use of the CXC data system.

In addition to the duties above, duties at the grade 12 level may include but are not limited to: providing schedule assessment from a technical standpoint, technical guidance to other team members, and overall integration of software modules and other system components and overseeing the translation of design into code within the CXC programming team; coordinating software development activities between subsystem teams to ensure design consistency.

Relocation Authorized

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