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This position is to provide electronics technician support to the maintenance, operation and repair of an existing correlator and future correlators being developed. The key focus is to ensure the nightly availability of the existing correlator for science observations and development, installation, testing and debugging of the future correlator. These duties will encompass a wide range of activities, and will also require a good understanding of parts of the SMA system which lie outside of the digital correlator itself, including the heterodyne receiver systems, the large bandwidth analog to digital converters and the complex matrix of microwave equipment which interface the received astronomical signals to the samplers and the digital correlator.


  • Perform the maintenance and ongoing debugging of the correlator at the SMA site in Hawaii. A priority is the requirement that the correlator be functioning each night for normal scientific observations and is reliable in the long term. The incumbent debugs and repairs these complex, large 15 layer boards to the component level, remove and replace parts, or fix copper traces, to repair faulty boards, and develops test fixtures and procedures to isolate board faults. At a system level, the incumbent isolates faults in the operational correlator, and quickly repairs these by replacing complex circuit boards and modules with repaired and pre-tested spares.
  • Write and modify testing and diagnostic software (programs in C, various script languages) for preventative and corrective maintenance of the correlator and microcontrollers. Many of the digital correlator’s state machine functions are encoded in ASICs and FPGAs.
  • Design, fabricate and test new subsystems as needed. Perform analysis (electronic, thermal or microwave) of various components, subsystems etc. Performs related tasks such as intra-rack airflow control, environmental monitoring and control, etc. Ensure documentation accurately reflects systems as designed and installed. Provide technical oversight to other technicians in these areas as appropriate. Provide wide range of supporting documentation, including presentations to scientists and engineers.
  • Regularly drive the company vehicles to and from the work site in a safe and responsible manner. Attend regular safety training with other staff members so as assist injured or ill members of the Mauna Kea community when needed.

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No