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(The duties described reflect the full performance level of this position)

Examines and evaluates the contractor's prospective cost estimates or price proposals to determine the necessity, fairness, and reasonableness of proposed contract costs. Reviews past performance reports and conducts reference checks to determine the financial and technical capability of award candidates for the purpose of assessing risk to the government for the successful attainment of program goals and to determine if the award candidate has an acceptable level of integrity and is financially and technically responsible. Advises and assists program officials in the drafting of proposal analysis reports documenting the technical evaluation process for selecting sources.

Monitors outstanding contracts to ensure satisfactory progress, to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract, and to identify problems that threaten contractor performance.

Negotiates contract modifications and the terms and costs of contract changes.

Performs work related to the termination of contracts for either convenience of the Government or default of the contractor. Negotiates the termination settlement with the contractor, including equitable adjustments, change proposals, costs, profit, and other related matters.

Procures products and services using negotiation techniques. Negotiates with prospective contractors on pricing, performance, technical terms, and other provisions. Prepares written requests for proposal; publicizes requirements; issues solicitation documents; analyzes offers received; prepares negotiation positions; evaluates technical and cost proposals; negotiates cost, fee or profit as well as technical issues; and enters into a formal contract with the offeror.

Performs work involving the analysis, operation, or administration of automated contracting systems.

Performs contracting work using formal advertising procedures. Advertises, solicits, locates sources, and procures a variety of products and/or services. Prepares an invitation for bid, publicizes the requirements for items and services to be procured, issues the solicitation document, reviews the bids for responsiveness to the solicitation, determines financial responsibility and performance capability of the bidders, and awards the contract. Uses a variety of contract types, such as performance based, fixed price, time & materials, labor hours, indefinite delivery, and other transactions to procure items and/or services. Reviews procurement submissions for adequacy and completeness, and resolves any problems prior to initiation of contractual action.