Job Overview


About the Agency

The Division of Field Investigations is responsible for carrying out investigative, compliance, consumer information and public affairs activities. We encourage voluntary industry compliance with the laws and regulations administered by the Commission, identify product related incidents, investigate selected injuries or deaths associated with consumer products, and implement wide-ranging public information and education programs designed to reduce consumer product injuries. We also provide support and maintain liaisons with all components of the Commission and appropriate Federal, State, and local government offices. The Division is primarily comprised of Product Safety Investigators and support staff that are required to telework full-time from home at duty locations across the country. Our goal as an agency is to assure consumer products distributed to the public are safe. Investigators serve as the Commissions front-line to the public and have a crucial role in protecting Americas families from unsafe consumer products. You have an important job.


You will be responsible for: Conducting inspections of manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers who produce, assemble, distribute and sell consumer products. Traveling to on-site locations such as production plants, company offices, distribution facilities, etc. Examining production methods, product specifications, manufacturer's testing and quality control procedures, product certification and labeling. Identifying & evaluating products for potential, substantial, and imminent hazards. Determining compliance with the organization's regulations, laws, and product standards. Conducting investigations by interviewing consumers, fire and police officials, as well as other knowledgeable officials and witnesses on product related injuries and deaths. Conducting interviews of responsible management personnel. Obtaining affidavits and documents & preparing concise, factual reports. Conducting media interviews and responding to inquiries from the local media. Conducting information and education campaigns that promote consumer safety. Maintaining contact with local Congressional offices, coroners, and medical examiners. Equally as important as the responsibilities outlined above, are values such as honesty, loyalty, patience, integrity and the ability to support and respect your management, peers and subordinates.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Ocassional travel may be required

Relocation Authorized

  • No