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About the Agency

This position is located in Region 10, Office of Management Programs, located in Seattle, Washington. 
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Tracks, organizes and integrates the work of the GSA Construction Manager, General Contractor and certain EPA staff as well as HQ components.

Assists in providing lease project coordination with EPA HQ, etc, to ensure project completion and to provide technical support.

Performs quantitative and qualitative analytical reviews of the projected design and construction activities, plans for an orderly, phased transition, and estimates/reviews moving costs.   Analyzes proposals in terms of logistics and feasibility in order to determine impacts on the Regional Office project.

Ensures that progress and final inspections are conducted in a quality and timely fashion to determine compliance with project requirements and ensures that noted deficiencies are corrected prior to acceptance of the space.

Manages the “Transition Schedule” which plans and tracks the many independent activities required for the relocation into new space.

Develops construction and relocation options and recommendations for senior Regional and Agency Management.

Coordinates the development of Design Intent Drawings for the new space.

Reviews construction schedules proposed by the lessor’s architect and general contractor.

Keeps abreast of daily construction project activities in order to identify potential schedule delays. Briefs ARA, IOU Manager, and Logistics Manager on recommendations and provides information needed for discussions with HQ.

Assists in the integration of furniture acquisition (systems, case goods, conference/training, and seating) and equipment (filing, storage and signage) for the new space into overall project plans.

Plans, organizes and directs physical relocation of EPA personnel equipment and property from the existing space to new leased space.

Assists with representation of the Agency in meetings with the GSA, the moving company and the lessor on all aspects of the physical relocation into new space.

Relocation Authorized

  • No