Job Overview


About the Agency

Where would I be working? Western Area Power Administration, Upper Great Plains Region, Montana Maintenance Office (B5120), in one of three duty locations:

Fort Peck, MT

Havre, MT

Glendive, MT

Find out more about living conditions at these duty stations.

You may apply to be considered for one, two or all three of the duty locations listed. 

You must be willing and available to report for duty at the designated duty station.

The purpose of the Pathways Intern Employment Program is to provide the intern with exposure to public service, enhance educational experience, and support educational goals. The program is formally structured to give interns the opportunity to work in positions related to their academic/career goals. Participant completes assigned duties, tasks, readings, and developmental activities specified in the program. A written agreement is required between the Western Area Power Administration and the intern.


Typical laborer duties include but are not limited to the following:
Loading and unloading transmission line materials from trucks;
Building gates/fences on rights of way, repairing site fencing, assisingt crew in installation of equipment (i.e. carrying, holding, bolting of metal pieces);
Providing ground support for transmission line installation/repair activities;
Moving furniture, supplies, etc. by hand or by handtruck; opens and stacks crates and boxes; digs ditches and trenches; fills holes with dirt and levels bumps; collects and empties garbage cans; washes and waxes trucks and cars; mixes and pours concrete.
Position requires use of various hand tools and equipment such as handtruck, hedge trimmers, crowbar, shovel, rake, wheelbarrow, hand mower, and power mower.
Work may be performed at remote sites and will require considerable travel requiring temporary lodging away from duty station.

Travel Required

  • 25% or Greater
  • May require 11 or more days of travel per month.

Relocation Authorized

  • No