Job Overview


About the Agency

As the Budget Officer, you will report directly to the Associate Administrator for Planning, Administrative and Financial Management (AA for PAFM). You will provide executive leadership in management of the agency-wide budget and related financial activities. You will also provide direction and guidance to senior staff members to accomplish objectives and effect management improvements needed to implement policies and programmatic initiatives of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the AA for PAFM. You will develop a comprehensive budget program for NHTSA and lead NHTSA's efforts in all aspects of this program, including program planning, budget formulation, budget justification, funds control,
budget execution analysis and reporting, and budget systems administration and operation. You will represent the AA in meetings, discussions, and decision making forums within the Department and with Governmental agencies and representatives from Congress and other
external organizations. Additionally, you will advise NHTSA executives, the CFO, Deputy CFO and others on budgetary matters from an agency-wide perspective.

NHTSA is looking for an experienced Budget Officer with expertise in overseeing all aspects of the budget formulation, justification and execution of all the funds. The ideal candidate should have experience overseeing the management of an agency’s budget analysts, ensuring all information is accurate, timely and is consistent OMB budget guidance. Experience advising agency executives on managing the budget is a must also.


The Budget Officer:

  • Provides executive leadership and senior technical expertise regarding NHTSA’s strategic policy, performance and planning management; mission planning and integration; program evaluation and implementation; and budget development, execution, analysis and reporting, all of which have far-reaching implications on the key goals, priorities, and mission accomplishment of NHTSA.
  • Directs strategic planning and budget formulation and execution. Ensures the direction of agency’s policies; programs and budget are coordinated with NHTSA’s performance management and strategic plan.
  • Manages specific projects to be accomplished in support of strategic planning such as projections, developing scenarios, reviewing legislative and historical background, tracking GAO, OIG and congressional reports, reviews, audits, ETC. and identifying and assessing NHTSA alternative policy and program implementation approaches.
  • Is responsible for ensuring the effective implementation of Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) and President Management Agenda (PMA) initiatives. This includes responsibility for annual GPRA performance plans, monthly reports, and Budget and Performance Integration Initiatives.
  • Is responsible for the preparation of the NHTSA’s annual budget in appropriate formats for submission to OST, OMB and Congress.

Relocation Authorized

  • No