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Become a part of our mission to maintain and strengthen the vitality of the US science and engineering enterprise. For over 60 years, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has remained the premier Federal agency supporting basic research at the frontiers of discovery across all fields, as well as science and engineering education at all levels.

The NSF is currently seeking qualified candidates for the positions of Program Director within the Robust Intelligence (RI) program, Division of Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS), Directorate for Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering (CISE), Arlington, VA.

IIS supports research and education that explores the inter-related roles of computers, people, and information. We are seeking a Program Director with expertise in all areas of Robust Intelligence with particular interest in artificial intelligence, computer vision, human language research, robotics, machine learning, computational neuroscience, cognitive science; computational understanding and modeling of intelligence in complex, realistic contexts.

RI program addresses progressively richer environments, larger-scale data and more diverse computing platforms, and more sophisticated computational and statistical approaches, looking to nature in many cases to model cognitive and computational processes. Interactions across traditional disciplines are also of increasing importance.

More information about IIS and its programs can be found at


The Program Director will be responsible for implementing the merit review process for proposals submitted to their respective programs within IIS. Duties will include:

  • Professional analyses of proposals received and identification of the most meritorious proposals for award;
  • Negotiation of technical and financial revisions, as required;
  • Recommendations for proposal awards or declinations based on the merit of the activities proposed and availability of resources;
  • Monitoring the progress of awards managed through the review and evaluation of project reports and site visits, where applicable;
  • Management of grants and cooperative and interagency agreements to ensure the fulfillment of commitments to the NSF; and
  • Contribution to the development of new solicitations and the initiation of new programmatic thrusts.

Relocation Authorized

  • No