Job Overview



The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is looking for the best and brightest to join our team. Our mission includes advocating for investors who seek to secure a future for their family, providing guidance and regulations for the nation’s securities industry in an increasingly global market, and taking action with an eye toward promoting the capital formation necessary to sustain economic growth.

A career with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) offers work that is exciting, challenging and rewarding. You can contribute to securities regulation and enforcement while making a positive difference for the American investing public. The SEC provides:

  • Careers that broaden and deepen your already accomplished knowledge, skills and abilities;
  • An environment that allows you to work and learn with the nation’s experts;
  • Benefits, compensation and career expansion opportunities; and
  • A balance between your professional and family life.

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The SEC offers a number of enhanced pay and benefits plus the standard Federal benefits:

  • Paid dental and vision insurance;
  • Subsidy for health insurance, which supplements your health benefits premiums by $25 for self-only coverage and by $50 for family coverage;
  • Domestic Partner Health Insurance Reimbursement Program;
  • Mass transportation subsidy;
  • "WorkSmart" - Opportunities for flexible work schedules and expanded telework

The Office of the Chair is seeking applicants to fill the position of the Secretary of the Commission.  The Secretary of the Commission is responsible for the orderly and expeditious flow of staff recommendations to the Commission for official action.  The position is located in Washington, DC. 


 Typical Duties Include:

  • Preparing daily and weekly agendas of Commission business.
  • Maintaining an orderly and expeditious flow of business at formal Commission meetings.
  • Ensuring that Commission deliberations and actions and any resulting official documents comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Performing a wide range of functions on behalf of the Commission including the issuance of orders instituting administrative proceedings, upon the occurrence of certain predicate acts, and the issuance of final orders making findings and imposing remedial relief.
  • Processing filings, and maintaining the official record of, administrative proceedings.
  • Serving instruments of formal Commission action.
  • Maintaining minute records for all Commission actions.  
  • Reviewing and approving plans for the distribution of fair funds to defrauded investors, and acting on requests to postpone, adjourn or advance hearings before the Commission or to extend the time required for filing of papers in any matters before the Commission.
  • Evaluating current and proposed programs and operations and recommending actions to initiate, modify, or discontinue projects as needed.
  • Advising the Commission on legal, administrative, and procedural questions concerning the interpretation and application of the statutes, rules, and regulations of the Commission and the manner in which matters or questions have been addressed on prior occasions. 
  • Proposing changes to guidelines, advising of possible impacts to policies, and/or plans, and implementing policies and guidelines affecting broad, emerging, and/or critical agency programs.
  • Reviewing, analyzing, editing, approving, authenticating, and certifying all Commission orders, rules, regulations, applications, registrations and reports, forms, and similar documents for publication in the Federal Register, Division of National Archives.
  • Serving as Committee Management Officer with respect to the Commission's federal advisory committees subject to the Federal Advisory Committee Act.
  • Serving as the central point of contact between the Commission and industry personnel, attorneys, and members of the public with respect to a wide variety of matters involving the agency, its functions, jurisdiction, rules and regulations.
  • Responding to or referring inquiries from members of Congress, other Federal agencies, corporate officials or their counsel, and the general public.

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No