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Will the Federal Bureau of Prisons Pay for me to Move?

Reimbursement IS NOT authorized for travel and transportation for this position.

In accordance with 5 U.S.C. 3307, a maximum entry age of 36 has been established for initial appointment to a position in a Bureau of Prisons institution.  If you are above the maximum entry age and have prior federal law enforcement coverage, you MUST submit an SF-50 to verify prior coverage.

Qualified Preference Eligible Veterans may be exempt from meeting the maximum age of 37.  Please refer to the Required Documents Section for the appropriate documentation to submit to validate veteran eligibility.


Infection Control: The Dental Assistant will function as infection control coordinator for the dental clinic. Incumbent is responsible for ensuring that all work surfaces, equipment, materials, and instruments are properly disinfected/sterilized. Incumbent must be knowledgeable in the most current approved methods and supplies for effective disinfection/sterilization. This is especially important for those patients with highly infectious diseases. Incumbent must be able to operate all equipment necessary to complete this task.

Oral Surgery: Evaluate procedure to be performed. Prepare anesthetic and appropriate instruments with sterile technique and drapes, evacuate surgical field, retract tissue, irrigate bone structure during rotary instrumentation, trim inter-dental papillae, cut sutures, pack surgical sites, remove sutures, treat localized osteitis, and give post-surgical instructions.

Operative Procedures: Prepare operative environment, anesthetics, and instruments utilizing sterile technique. Maintain dry operative field; retract tissue; place bases, liners, and retainers with matrices; place, pack, and polish amalgam restoration; and place temporary restorative materials.

Prosthetics: Select appropriate trays and impression materials, take primary impression for study models, and fabricate secondary trays and stabilized base plates with bite rims. Pour and trim all models and make minor denture repairs.

Radiology: Take and develop infra- and extra-oral radiographs, including bite wings and periapical films. Must also operate and process specialized panoramic equipment and films. Maintain and use automated processing equipment.

Endodontics: Place rubber dam, sterilize field, remove temporary filling with rotary slow-speed instrument, irrigate canals, and prepare appropriate medicaments.

Preventive: Applies desensitizing agents. Instructs patients in improving their oral hygiene. Performs coronal polishing.

Clerical Duties: Establishes dental records and is responsible for the control of medical records while they are in the dental clinic. The Dental Assistant is responsible for the scheduling of patients, preparing the call-outs, and supervising inmate patients. The incumbent also evaluates inmate worker performance and insures that hours of work are accurately reflected per policy. The incumbent has administrative responsibilities unique to the position. This includes making statistical tabulation of all treatment rendered in the dental clinic and epidemiological statistics of inmates admitted to the facility. Prepares quarterly and annual reports to the Bureau from these statistics and other dental clinic activity. The incumbent may also perform secretarial/clerical duties for the Chief Dental Officer.

Dental Lab: Pour impressions, trim resulting models, and do initial preparation of lab prescription forms to be sent out.

Responsible for sending and receiving all lab cases sent to Regional Lab and all resultant paperwork. Performs certain kinds of acrylic work, including but not limited to: minor denture repair, custom tray fabrication, wrought wire partial, relines, and rebases. Fabricates biteguards and surgical stints as required by the department.

Security: Maintains security of the work area to include daily and continual inventory of tools and instruments, needle and syringe control, disposal of potential contraband items, and flammable and hazardous materials. Incumbent may be called on to serve as an escort for inmates on outside trips. Supervises inmate workers. Escorts contract dentists and hygienists within the institution.

Supply: Maintains adequate stock levels of the expendable supplies used in the clinic. Prepares purchase requests for the purpose of ordering additional supplies.

Responsible for maintenance and minor repair of dental equipment.

Along with all other correctional institution employees, incumbent is charged with responsibility for maintaining security of the institution. The staff correctional responsibilities precede all others required by this position and are performed on a regular and recurring basis.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Travel may be required for training and/or work related issues.

Relocation Authorized

  • No