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The Civil Division, with more than 1,000 attorneys and 14 litigating components, represents the United States, its departments and agencies, Member of Congress, Cabinet officers and other Federal employees. 

The Director of the Office of Immigration Litigation - District Court Section (OIL-DCS), Civil Division, is a Senior Executive Service position within the U.S. Department of Justice.  OIL-DCS is one of two sections in the Office of Immigration Litigation.  The incumbent serves as one of the directors of OIL who manage both the litigative and administrative responsibilities of this office as a collegial body under the direction of the Deputy Assistant Attorney General.  The incumbent directs the defense of the United States in a wide range of complex, and often controversial, immigration matters. 

The incumbent participates with the other director of OIL in decision-making on complex and precedent-setting matters that impact the body of immigration law. 


The Director of OIL-DCS is responsible for all aspects of the work of the Section.  This responsibility includes supervising and directing the work of the Section's attorneys, including reviewing and approving pleadings, briefs and other papers filed in significant litigation.  The Director also advises and consults with staff members on new program orientations or directives, insures that adequate resources will be available to carry out the work of the Section, and evaluates and adjusts the organizational structure based on new or changed directions of the Section's work or caseload requirements. 

The Director is responsible for providing guidance and advice to U.S. Attorney's Offices and agency counsel nationwide concerning immigration jurisprudence, case development, and settlement strategy negotiations.  The incumbent reviews and acts upon immigration settlements up to $1,000,000 and makes recommendations to higher-level DOJ officials for settlements in excess of $1 million. 

The Director is responsible for making appeal recommendations on all adverse judgments entered in OIL-DCS cases, and making final determinations that no appeal will be taken in certain non-controversial adverse OIL-DCS judgments. The incumbent provides comments on immigration related Congressional legislation that may have an impact on immigration, removal, and naturalization.  The incumbent proposes  and drafts regulations and comments on regulations proposed by other agencies that affect or may affect the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).  The Director serves as a consultant to the Deputy Assistant Attorney General and Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division on matters concerning the Office of Immigration Litigation.  The Director also participates in the formulation and implementation of new policies or organizational changes having an impact on OIL and the Division.  The incumbent also provides advice on significant cases and their impact on both OIL and the Division. 

Travel Required

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Relocation Authorized

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