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The International Trade Administration (ITA) is looking for an energetic, innovative executive who will enjoy working in a dynamic and mission driven organization as Senior Director, Enforcement Office I, in the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Operations. The ideal candidate will have knowledge related to the administration of the antidumping and countervailing duty program and a sound understanding of the relative roles and mechanism of Federal agencies involved in the trade remedy area.  In addition, the ideal candidate will have experience applying forward-thinking leadership in promoting and implementing a vision that fosters organizational excellence. 

ITA is the Federal agency responsible for working with the industry to promote American exports and expand international trade through the development of partnerships, monitoring of and compliance with trade agreements, and other trade related services. ITA is a globally-based bureau of the Department of Commerce and includes 109 offices in the United States, 126 offices in 78 countries, and approximately 2400 employees. 


The incumbent in this position serves as the Senior Director for Enforcement Office I, reporting to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Operations. The DAS reports to the Assistant Secretary for Enforcement & Compliance within the International Trade Administration. As Senior Director, the incumbent is responsible for conducting all aspects of AD and CVD investigations and administrative reviews under the U.S. trade remedy laws. The Senior Director also provides executive direction to the AD/CVD Training and Professional Development Unit, which serves all other Enforcement Offices across AD/CVD Operations as well as coordinates training efforts with other units within Enforcement & Compliance. The primary duties of the position are:

  • Coordinates with the DAS on the analysis of AD and CVD petitions submitted by domestic manufacturers, producers, and trade associations alleging unfair trading practices.  Conducts AD and CVD investigations resulting from such petitions during which the practices of foreign businesses and governments are queried and investigated; issues orders subjecting imports to offsetting duties when dumping and injury is found.  Conducts administrative reviews and sunset reviews of existing and new AD and CVD orders.  Conducts new shipper reviews.  Recommends revocation, termination or extension of existing AD and CVD orders; prepares instructions to the Customs and Border Protection regarding the collection of duties on outstanding orders.

  • Develops operating and program policies specifically applicable to the AD/CVD enforcement program and to initiatives and programs which assure compliance with management and policies issues set forth at higher levels.

  • Coordinates with the Assistant Secretary for E&C, the DAS for AD/CVD Operations, and E&C’s DAS for Policy and Negotiations to support the negotiation of suspension agreements and other sector agreements.

  • In conjunction with other Senior Executives in AD/CVD Operations: coordinates AD/CVD enforcement efforts to ensure consistent application of laws, regulations and precedents across the DAS group and promote and ensure consistency in all aspects of the administration of the AD/CVD program; coordinates on cross-cutting functions such as scope determinations, U.S. Customs protests, training, and sunset reviews; and completes all IA reporting and accountability requirements.

  • Directs the operations of the Training and Professional Development Unit to the benefit of all Enforcement Offices within AD/CVD Operations and, as necessary, other units within E&C.

  • Oversees the acquisition, development and management of human resources optimal to the fulfillment of the AD/CVD enforcement responsibilities delineated in the E&C functional order, including participation in the selection of key team managers and supervisors.  Oversees procurement of other resources including office space and equipment, IT equipment, reference and other facilities.  Directs unit efforts in EEO and Affirmative Action areas, and assures equity in all personnel matters and actions within subordinate units.

  • Serves on various executive/managerial working groups, committees, and panels as a senior ITA official, and may also assume special program responsibility for or other major initiatives critical to E&C and/or ITA advancement.

  • Participates actively with the DAS and other ITA executives to formulate, develop, implement, and assure effectiveness of E&C’s policies with respect to the AD/CVD enforcement program.

Relocation Authorized

  • No