Job Overview


About the Agency

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) Resources, Science and Industry Division (RSI) is seeking an Analyst in Telecommunications Policy to perform analysis of complex economic issues related to industries and technologies that are central to the information economy, especially the information and communication industries. Duties include analyzing implications of changes in laws and regulations for industry structure and dynamics; competition and antitrust policies, including mergers and joint ventures, and cooperative arrangements; convergence of infrastructure owners, broadcasters, broadcast networks, content providers, and other intermediaries in the information economy; the changing role of advertisers and data aggregators in shaping the digital economy; and the implications of technological change for consumers, industry participants, copyright policy, and the U.S. regulatory structure.

The Analyst provides public policy analysis and consultation to congressional committees, Members, and staff; prepares innovative analytical studies on aspects of federal policies as they relate to industrial organization, with an emphasis on the information and communication industry; and plans, organizes and coordinates multi-disciplinary team research projects and seminars.

CRS works exclusively for the United States Congress, providing policy and legal analysis to committees and Members of both the House and Senate, regardless of party affiliation. As a legislative branch agency within the Library of Congress, CRS has been a valued and respected resource on Capitol Hill for nearly a century.

CRS is well known for analysis that is authoritative, confidential, objective, and nonpartisan. Its highest priority is to ensure that Congress has immediate access to the nation's best thinking on public policy issues of interest to its Members and Committees.


Prepares a variety of descriptive and background reports, memoranda, and written materials on subjects or public policy issues within the employee's area of professional knowledge.

Prepares a variety of analytical reports, memoranda, and written materials on public policy issues within the employee's area of professional knowledge to support congressional decision making.

Participates in planning, organizing, and coordinating group research efforts.

Through personal consultation, assists committees, Members, and staff with consideration of legislative issues by providing information and analysis, and applying professional subject-area knowledge.

Participates in CRS seminars, workshops, and/or outreach programs for committees, Members, and staff.

Locates and provides information requested by Members and committees of Congress or their staff.