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The Office of Network Services Programs is responsible for developing and administering global telecommunications services and solutions in support of worldwide Federal agency missions and functions.  In this capacity, the Director of Network Services Programs acquires, implements, and manages day-to-day fulfillment to ensure Federal department/agency requirements are met.

Federal Acquisition Service
Office of Integrated Technology Services
Office of Network Services Programs
Washington, DC




  • The Director of Network Services Programs administers and manages policies, procedures, and resources to ensure the Office of Network Services Programs' missions and functions are being carried out in an efficient and effective manner as prescribed by applicable GSA and Federal policies, regulations, and mandates.  The Director independently plans and directs the activities under his/her jurisdiction and works directly with other principal officials of GSA, including those in other FAS business lines, other Federal agency officials, Congressional staff , the Office of Management and Budget (primarily the Office of Federal Procurement Policy - OFPP and Federal Chief Information Officer - CIO and eGov Offices) and industry representatives to ensure the programs are positioned for success.
  • Provides expert technical advice and assistance to the Assistant Commissioner, Office of Integrated Technology Services (ITS), and to the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner concerning existing and evolving or proposed government-wide or GSA-wide policies, procedures, and automated system support pertaining to network services programs.
  • Provides strategic and change leadership to ensure that the Office of Network Services Programs' vision, mission, values, goals and objectives are identified, communicated, and integrated into network services programs and aligned with key national and regional programs within ITS and FAS.
  • Develops the Office of Network Services Programs' strategic and tactical plans.  Responsible for planning initiatives to achieve organizational goals and to improve operations, including studies of telecommunication and network services procurement practices in the private sector, as well as state and local governments.  Coordinates within ITS and FAS to ensure the Office of Network Services Programs' goals and objectives are aligned with GSA and FAS long-term goals and performance objectives.  Oversees and evaluates organizational performance to assess results. Continually improves practices to ensure customer expectations are met in a timely, cost- effective manner, and to ensure compliance with acquisition rules and regulations.
  • Serves as the chief spokesperson for Office of Network Services Programs, communicating and advocating the program's vision and mission to external officials and groups.  Represents the Assistant Commissioner for ITS, and the FAS Commissioner in executive level meetings with agencies, industry, trade associations, key officials, Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Congressional staffs and state/local governments regarding network services programs. Develops and maintains relationships with key agency and stakeholder executives to ensure network services goals are aligned with and offerings are meeting the needs of government.
  • Serves as the focal point for all aspects of customer care under normal and emergency conditions.  Provides nationwide project management, program management, and acquisition support to Federal agencies that address their local telecommunications voice, data, and video requirements at the national or enterprise level. 
  • Serves as the primary focal point for the Office of Network Services Programs' business development, account management, solutions design, and product management activities. Serves as a member of the ITS Portfolio Management Steering Committee responsible for providing recommendations to the ITS Assistant Commissioner to optimize the ITS portfolio of services and processes. Responsible for assuring the portfolio responds to current and future IT and network services requirements of customers, industry, and government-wide goals. 
  • Manages and controls the Office of Network Services Programs’ fiscal affairs.  Responsible for planning, developing, coordinating and justifying the financial and human resource requirements for the Office and for administering systems for controlling both short and long range objectives. Responsible for the overall management and direction of telecommunications cost management strategies.  Defines and manages use of data/information as a strategic asset. Serves as business owner for legacy billing systems and provides oversight for those systems.  Plans, analyzes, develops requirements, and manages the Office of Network Services Programs' billing solution(s).  
  • Reviews and evaluates telecommunications policies and issues arising from Congress, OMB, Government Accountability Office (GAO), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), State regulatory commissions, and industry.
  • Responsible for the provision of guidance, direction, oversight, and policies that ensure efficient and consistent delivery of regional services to Federal agencies.  Responsible for nationwide and worldwide planning, requirements analysis, acquisition support, and large-scale program and project management.  Ensures a consistent interpretation and implementation of the program contracts nationwide.

Relocation Authorized

  • Yes
  • TRAVEL AND RELOCATION EXPENSES: Travel, transportation, and relocation expenses may be authorized for this position and may be paid by the General Services Administration as allowed by regulation. A one-year service agreement is required if relocation expenses are paid.