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This Position Is No Longer Available

Job Title:  Hydrologic Technician
Department:  Department Of The Interior
Agency:  National Park Service
Job Announcement Number:  SWAN1036246DEED

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.
$19.78 to $28.57 / Per Hour
Wednesday, January 29, 2014 to Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Full Time - Term NTE 13 months
1 vacancy in the following location:
King Salmon, AK View Map
United States Citizens
Q - Nonsensitive


About the Agency

King Salmon, Alaska - This small community offers basic amenities such as a small grocery store and other convenience stores, and seasonal hotels and inns. A small clinic for minor medical treatment is located in the close-by community of Naknek.  Major medical and dental facilities are available in Anchorage.  Naknek offers a K-12 public school with bus service, and various churches and service organizations are active in this community. The cost of living in King Salmon is considered high due to its remoteness and the cost to bring goods in. Daily commercial flights connect Anchorage with King Salmon; there is no connection to the road system.


Government housing may be available in King Salmon; or limited housing or apartments are available for rent in King Salmon or nearby Naknek 15 miles away. 

TERM - This is a TERM appointment not to exceed 13 months. If funds are available, this position is expected to last for 2 years, and may be extended for additional periods up to 4 years total employment without further competition.

This is a career-seasonal position.  A career-seasonal position includes all benefits of permanent employment, but does not provide for employment on a full-time year-round basis. As a condition of employment and (depending on workload needs and/or funding), the employee is  guaranteed work for at least 6 months but not more than 11 ½ months each service year.  When services are not required, employee will be placed in a non-work, non-pay status.  A minimum of 2 weeks in non-pay and non-duty status is required each service year.  While in pay and duty status, the employee will work a full-time work schedule (40 hours per week).  Salary, vacation and sick leave earnings, which are normally based on year-round employment, will be prorated according to the number of weeks actually worked each year. The waiting period of within-rate increases (step increases) and career tenure may also be extended by a portion of the time spent in non-pay status.


  • 25% or Greater
  • Frequent travel may be required.


  • No


  • U.S. Citizenship Required.
  • Background and/or Security Investigation required.
  • Males born after 12-31-59 must register with the selective service.
  • Be sure to read the "How to Apply" & "Required Documents" sections.


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You will assist professional staff as a field crew leader, implementing monitoring programs for lakes and rivers in the remote backcountry of Alaska’s southwestern National Parks and Preserves, including Katmai and Lake Clark. Some specific duties include the following: 

·         Collect various types of hydrologic data in the field using standard methods, practices and procedures.

·         Use judgment to adjust the methods, practices and procedures, when necessitated by conditions in the field.

·         Calibrate, program, operate and troubleshoot electronic water quality/quantity data recording devices.         

·         Conduct basic maintenance and ensure equipment is in proper working order.

·         Use computer software, including hydrologic database software, to input, retrieve, organize and summarize data.

·         Undertake quality control procedures to identify gaps and inconsistencies in data.

·         Produce preliminary reports and give oral presentations summarizing routine phases of water quality investigations.

·         Work with diverse individuals under a variety of conditions, including remote wilderness settings.

·         Lead field crews to safely conduct water quality/quantity monitoring.

·         At the GS-07 level you will also conduct basic statistical and spatial analyses.

For questions regarding the duties of this position, please call Michael Shephard at 907-644-3681. 


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To qualify, you must meet the requirements listed below.

Specialized Experience and/or Education: You must have certain higher level education or specialized experience to qualify for the GS-06 or GS-07 grade level of this position. This qualifying education and/or experience can be met through any of the following:

Specialized Experience for the GS-06: At least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-05 level in Federal service that is directly related to the position to be filled.  Examples of specialized experience for this position include the following types of duties: collecting field data for natural resource-based projects or studies; calibrating, programing, maintaining and troubleshooting hydrologic monitoring equipment such as water quality sondes; using computer software applications (including specialized hydrologic database software) to store, retrieve, organize and summarize data; communicating monitoring results, orally and in writing; and leading field crews to safely conduct hydrologic investigations in remote wilderness areas. OR;

Education: 9 semester hours of graduate level course work directly related to the position. OR;
An equivalent combination of education and experience: For example, 6 months of specialized experience (50% experience) and 4.5 semester hours (50% education) of graduate level education which is directly related to the position.

Specialized Experience for the GS-07: At least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-06 level in Federal service that is directly related to the position to be filled.  Examples of specialized experience for this position are the same as those listed above for the GS-06 position.  Additional specialized experience needed to qualify for the GS-07 level of this position includes the following types of duties: conducting statistical analyses (e.g., regressions, ANOVAs) and using geographic information system (GIS) software (e.g., ArcGIS, QGIS). OR;

Education: One year (18 semester hours) of graduate level course work directly related to the position. OR;

An equivalent combination experience and graduate level education: For example, 6 months of specialized experience (50% experience) and 9 semester hours (50% education) of graduate level education which is directly related to the position. 

Foreign Education: Education completed outside the United States must have been evaluated by either a private U.S. organization that specializes in interpretation of foreign educational credentials, commonly called a credential evaluation service, or education that is recognized by the Secretary of Education from an accredited body. This evaluation must be provided with your resume by the closing date of the announcement.  If it is not, your education will not be considered and you may not qualify for the position. 

Click here for more information - Foreign education







Applicants must meet the experience and/or education requirements, qualifications, and any selective placement factors specified in the announcement by the closing date, Wednesday, February 12, 2014.

Unless previously served, you must complete a one year probationary period.

You will be expected to live in remote backcountry camps in the Parks for up to two weeks at a time.

You will work closely with team members on extended field trips; navigate to sampling points on large lake systems; and work long days under stressful conditions, often including swarming insects and persistent rain. Approximately 60% of the work will be strenuous outdoor activity. Heavy items (e.g., equipment up to 50 lbs) must be lifted or moved on a routine basis.

Frequent travel in boats and small airplanes will be required.

You must successfully complete and pass firearms, bear awareness, and small boat training.

You will be required to carry a firearm in performance of your duties. ” Per the Lautenberg Amendment to 18 U.S.C.922(g)(9), effective September 30, 1996, applicants are ineligible for this position if at ANY time they have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony crime of domestic violence, unless such conviction was expunged, set aside or the applicant received a pardon.

THIS IS A DRUG TESTING DESIGNATED POSITION under the Department's Drug Free Workplace Program.  Applicant who is tentatively selected for this position will be required to submit to a drug test and receive a negative result prior to entering on duty. You will be subject to random drug testing.


Your rating will be based on your application package and the responses to the Assessment Questionnaire.  The assessment questions relate to the following competencies that are required to perform the work of this position. A panel may be used to review and rank your application.

·         Knowledge of the techniques of hydrologic data collection.

·         Ability to use, repair and maintain hydrologic equipment.

·         Knowledge of computer databases, software and techniques to prepare data for analysis.

·         Ability to communicate monitoring results to a diverse audience.

·         Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

·         Skill at performing statistical and spatial analyses. (GS-07 only)

The answers you select in the on-line process must be substantiated in your application package.  If your described work history, competencies, and/or supporting documents do not support your answer choices, you may not be referred to the selecting official. Please ensure that your work history provides enough detail to support your answers for a panel or subject specialist to score your application.

Basis for Rating: Category rating procedures will be used to rate and rank candidates. Candidates will be ranked into 3 categories:

         Best Qualified - experience that substantially exceeds the minimum qualifications of the position including all selective factors, and who are highly proficient in all requirements of the job and can perform effectively in the position.

         Well Qualified - experience that exceeds the minimum qualifications of the position including all selective factors, and who are proficient in most of the requirements of the job.

         Qualified - experience that meets the minimum qualifications of the position including all selective factors, and who are proficient in some, but not all of the requirements of the job.

VETERANS PREFERENCE: Veterans' Preference applies to category rating. Within each quality category, veteran's preference eligibles are listed first, including CP, CPS, XP, and TP. In addition, veterans who have a 10% or more service-connected compensable disability (CP or CPS) are placed at the top of the highest quality category. Applicants referred are listed on the selection certificate alphabetically (veteran's preference eligibles before non-veterans) without scores.


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You can review our benefits at:

The salary shown includes base pay, locality pay and a cost of living allowance of 7.18% for this duty station. Pay is subject to annual review and adjustment.

Alaska currently does not have a state income tax or statewide sales tax.


Working for the National Park Service offers a comprehensive benefits package that may include, in part, sick and personal leave, holidays, life and health insurance, retirement benefits, and participation in the Thrift Savings Plan which includes a percentage of government matching contributions. You may even be able to work a flexible schedule.



Direct Deposit:  All new employees of the National Park Service must identify a financial institution for direct deposit of pay prior to appointment. This includes your salary and other federal payments.

In the event of an accident while traveling in a government aircraft, the payable benefits of a private life insurance policy may be affected.

Relocation expenses are not authorized. Any travel, transportation and relocation expenses will be the responsibility of the selected employee.

The full performance level of this position is GS-07. If selection is made below the full performance level, incumbent may be subsequently promoted to the full performance level without further competition after all legal and regulatory requirements are met; i.e., satisfactory performance and time-in-grade; however, promotion is neither automatic nor guaranteed.  


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To begin the process: 

Click the Apply Online button to create an account or log in to your existing USAJOBS account.  Follow the prompts to complete the occupational questionnaire View Assessment Questions. Ensure you click the Submit My Answers button at the end of the process.

To verify your application is complete, log into your USAJOBS account, select the Application Status link and then select the more information link for this position. The Details page will display the status of your application, the documentation received and processed, and any correspondence the agency has sent related to this application.  Your uploaded documents may take several hours to clear the virus scan process.

To return to an incomplete application, log into your USAJOBS account and click Update Application in the vacancy announcement.  You must re-select your resume and/or other documents from your USAJOBS account or your application will be incomplete.

If you are unable to upload your required documents, complete this cover page using the following 

vacancy ID 1036246.  Fax your documents by the closing date to 1-478-757-3144.

If you cannot apply online:

Click the following link to view and print the occupational questionnaire View Occupational Questionnaire.

Print this 1203-FX form to provide your responses to the occupational questionnaire and fax the completed 1203FX form along with the required documents to 1-478-757-3144. Your 1203FX will serve as a cover page for your fax transmission.

Your complete application package must be submitted by 11:59 PM Eastern Time or 7:59 PM Alaska Time on Wednesday, February 12, 2014.

If you have questions about this announcement call Elizabeth A. Deane at (907)644-3344 or email 

ELIZABETH_DEANE@NPS.GOV prior to Wednesday, February 12, 2014. Please include the Vacancy ID number 1036246 when emailing or calling. 




-Resume showing relevant experience - should include month, year and hours per week worked. (Cover letter optional) Help with writing your resume click here. Want to understand how to use USA JOBS click here.


-Online Assessment Questionnaire


-Transcripts: unofficial or official college transcripts or a list of completed course work including level of courses, credits and grades received. (if using to qualify based on education)


-Veterans' Preference Documentation- Copy of your DD214(s) that shows type of discharge (i.e. honorable) from service, (usually the member 4 copy); or Report of Separation from Activity Duty (if separation was prior to 1 July 1979). If you fail to supply the required documents(s) and type of discharge cannot be confirmed, veterans' preference will not be awarded. If claiming 10 points preference, you must also provide a completed SF15 and verification documents listed on the SF15). If you are separated and do not have a DD214 yet you may use an official statement of service from your command that you have completed active service and are being discharged under honorable conditions, or provide other official documentation (e.g., documentation of receipt of a campaign badge or expeditionary medal) that proves your military service was performed under honorable conditions.

Notice to Veterans: Link is provided so you can see if you are eligible for veteran’s preference.


-CTAP/ICTAP Eligibles- copy of your agency's notice of Reduction In Force and your most recent SF-50 noting current position, grade level and duty location.


The CTAP/ICTAP is a federal program that gives priority selection rights to federal employees in the local commuting area who have lost their positions, been given notice that they will be separated due to reductions in force, or who are unable to return to their position due to a job related injury.   Individuals who have special priority selection rights under the Agency Career Transition Assistance Program (CTAP) or the Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP) must be well qualified for the position to receive consideration for special priority selection, and earn a final score on the job examination questions of 90.0 or higher. Employees seeking CTAP/ICTAP eligibility must submit proof that they meet the requirements of 5 CFR 330.605(a) for CTAP and 5 CFR 330.704 for ICTAP.   This includes a copy of the agency notice, a copy of your most recent Performance Rating and SF-50 noting current position, grade level, and duty location; an agency certification that you cannot be placed after injury compensation has been terminated; an OPM notification that your disability annuity has been terminated; OR a Military Department or National Guard Bureau notification that you are retired under 5 U.S.C. 8837(h) or 8456. 



Elizabeth A. Deane
Phone: (907)644-3344
Agency Information:
NPS Alaska Regional Office
240 W 5th Avenue
Anchorage, AK


Once the online questionnaire documents are received you will receive an acknowledgement. You will be notified of your rating and/or referral to the hiring official. If further evaluation or interviews are required you will be contacted.

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