Job Overview


About the Agency

This position is located in the Directorate of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Division of Materials Research. The mission of the Division of Materials Research is to make new discoveries about the behavior of matter and materials; to create new materials and new knowledge about materials phenomena; to address fundamental materials questions that often transcend traditional scientific and engineering disciplines and may lead to new technologies; to prepare the next generation of materials researchers; to develop and support the instruments and facilities that are crucial to advance the field; and to share the excitement and significance of materials science with the public at large.


Program Analysts apply analytical techniques and information management skills to capture, assemble and disseminate data for assigned projects; conduct analyses; prepare, evaluate and coordinate activities; and provide advice to management in the following areas:

Financial Resources Management

  • Identifies and advises supervisor of resources required to provide administrative support including funding, staff and equipment for assigned projects;
  • Administers assigned budget operations by performing continuous analysis of organizational use of allocated funds;
  • Identifies and advises Division management officials on financial matters;
  • Ensures financial management regulations are adhered to.

Business Process management
  • Works with other team members or project specialists to restructure work processes, standardize procedures, and manage changes for the Division;
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of administrative procedures and the consistency of their contributions to the accomplishment of organizational and program goals and objectives;
  • Recommends changes to meet short and long-term strategic plans and objectives;
  • Evaluates the Division's internal and external webpage for outdated program information and coordinates updates.

Project Management
  • Plans, develop, coordinates, organizes, implements, communicates, and tracks project plans, guidelines, budgets, procedures and timetables;
  • Performs management studies to evaluate and measure the progress and success of projects and recommends ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of cross-directorate programs and activities;
  • Collects statistical data and narrative information from a variety of sources and applies analytical techniques to data management systems to identify patterns and trends;
  • Collects pertinent statistical data and narrative information from a variety of sources within and outside NSF.  Applies various analytical techniques to data management systems in order to identify patterns and trends.  Develops tracking and reporting systems to monitor activities to ensure that activities meet established guidelines and schedules;

Participates in management meetings on modifying or initiating programs or projects.

Travel Required

  • Not Required

Relocation Authorized

  • No