Job Overview


About the Agency

The person(s) serving in this position will be responsible for:

* Designing, developing and implementing engaging and effective learning and development solutions across all formats ranging from instructor led to blended to online simulations;

* Managing Projects, Programs, and contractor resources where s/he provides contractors with direction and specific expectations, performs quality assurance on their work products and holds them accountable for timeliness and return on investment (ROI);

* Providing expert facilitation and consulting services with groups across all levels of the Foundation to assist them in achieving organization goals;

* Conducting regular evaluation of learning and development offerings to ensure quality and ROI; and,

* Consistently providing high quality and timely deliverables and high levels of customer service and teamwork.


The purpose of the position is to manage major program areas with NSF-wide impact and serve as an NSF expert, advisor and consultant to management on issues in the following program areas:

* Use of a Learning Management System and/or online learning and development resources
* Education and professional development
* Training
* Employee, management, leadership, and executive development and learning
* Individual and organizational development
* Assessment of competencies, characteristics, knowledge, skill and abilities
* Measurement and assessment of individual and organizational performance.

Specific duties include the following:

Education, Training, Development and Learning Program Management
*  Manages contractor resources for projects s/he oversees
* Serves as an Agency expert and senior advisor and consultant on issues related to education, training, development, assessment and human resource development, and continuous learning and development;
* Designs, develops, promotes, manages and evaluates comprehensive training and development programs;
* Develops continuous learning programs and career development opportunities;
* Directs and oversees all aspects of assigned program areas;
* Ensures excellence of training and development programs;
* Assesses needs and identifies ways to improve programs as well as leveraging the use of technology tools for learning;
* Offers consultative and technical assistance on learning and education needs;
* Develops objectives for staff development programs;
* Prepares program plans and budgets;
* Monitors, evaluates  and revises programs and projects to accommodate changing management directions and priorities;
* Manages a variety of leadership and development activities;
* Designs, develops or procures learning and development programs;
* Leads organization-wide evaluation efforts;
* Conducts analyses of program efficiency and effectiveness and makes recommendations for improvement;
* Advises NSF management on executive and supervisory development programs; and
* Represents NSF to a wide variety individuals and organization, in and outside of government.

Curriculum Development and Facilitation
* Collaborates to develop programs, courses and seminars;
* Leads activities in needs assessment, competency modeling, curriculum development, course delivery and evaluation;
* Researches and implements the latest learning methodology and technology;
* Delivers learning and educational programs through workshops and seminars as well as online and blended learning formats;
* Writes and coordinates the publications of a wide range of written materials including course announcements, training brochures, catalogs, bulletins and marketing materials;
* Disseminates information about internal and external education programs and activities; and
* Writes statements of work and other contractual documents for training and development programs.

Individual and Organizational Assessments and Development and Consultation
* Manages individual and organizational assessment and development;
* May serve as an expert resource in psychological measurement and assessment of individual and organizational performance;
* Provides consultation services to organizations, task forces, committees, work groups, and managers;
* Participates in strategic planning efforts and program development;
* Advises management on long-range individual and organizational development;
* Facilitates strategic planning and teambuilding retreats and workshops;
* Identifies sources of organizational problems and devises workable solutions;
* Assesses and identifies employee strengths and development needs;
* Makes oral and written presentations and reports to management and staff;
* Maintains resources of courses and vendors;
* Participates in interagency meetings on organizational learning;
* Serves as Agency expert on individual and organizational assessment instruments;
* Develops survey items and scales and uses survey methodology for assessment;
* Designs, administers and delivers workshops on assessment instruments;
* Participates in assessment of skills and the identification of skills gaps;
* Conducts studies, surveys and focus groups; and
* Conducts research on the effectiveness of new projects, programs and training.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Occasional Travel

Relocation Authorized

  • No