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These positions are located in Finance and Accounting (F&A), Office of Business Enterprises (BE) and reports to the Head, Finance and Accounting Section. The incumbent contributes to the sound financial management of Business Enterprises revolving fund programs. The incumbent maintains financial records and reports, using the BE enterprise system and Library financial systems that include general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable and cash management including management of all deposits and reconciliations using the BE and Library financial systems. The incumbent responds to accounting related customer inquiries and makes recommendations for program improvements to BE management.

The position description numbers for these positions are 264645, 264646, and 264647.

Applicants who wish to be considered at each grade level must apply for those grade levels; 06, 07, or 08.


Analyzes, prepares, and processes the most complex procedural and technical accounting documents/transactions including, but not limited to, those with insufficient information or a need for deviation in processing procedures. Accounting transactions vary and cover a range of functions including obligations, accrued expenditures, disbursements, appropriation refunds, reimbursable orders, expenditure vouchers, and rejected transactions. Utilizes the Business Enterprise (BE) system, the Library-wide Momentum system, and other related fiscal applications.

Processes accounting transactions for various accounting specialty areas including accounts receivable, accounts payable, and cash management. Matches the purchase requisitions and purchase orders with receiving documents and vendor invoices. Prepares, maintains, and monitors the aging of accounts receivable reports and provides data to the operating accountant for inclusion in the monthly reports. Initiates follow-up collection activity for delinquent accounts, prepares letters to delinquent account holders, and makes recommendations regarding uncollectable accounts and obligation amounts for bad debt expense. Identifies discrepancies and resolves adjustments which may require contact with vendor representatives. Provides matched accounts payable documents for payment approval. Maintains a government purchase card and reconciles the monthly statement to the Library's financial system.

Conducts detailed examination of transactions, researches for required information, and classifies accounting data for assigned accounts. Verifies source documents for accuracy, and determines necessary accounting transactions, and codes transactions. Prepares and ensures sufficient funds have been obligated and totals are accurate. Verifies mathematical accuracy of transactions by comparison to ledger. Corrects invalid and incorrect entries.

Uses independent judgment in the application of technical skills to initiate, resolve, and recommend solutions to unusual situations/problems encountered. Reviews files to ensure actions meet suspense dates. Serves as a liaison between BE and the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO),
Identifies procedural deficiencies, inefficient procedures, and weaknesses in the processing of transactions. Assists in the development of new procedures to address problems. Recommends new methods to improve work processes or to eliminate bottlenecks or unnecessary work. Assists in developing new or revised guidelines.
Applies a comprehensive approach in using a broad range of processes, procedures, and methods to examine and verify invoices, research and verify invoices for purchase orders, contracts, travel orders, and other claims against obligated funds. Ensures documentation is accurate, complete, and has proper approvals. Ensures invoices are processed and paid in accord with the terms and conditions of contracts. Uses 3-way match to ensure purchase requisitions and purchase orders correspond with receiving documents and vendor invoices. Identifies discrepancies and resolves adjustments, which often requires contact with vendor representatives. Uses matched accounts payable documents for making payments within the specified period of the Prompt Payment Act. Maintains a government purchase card and reconciles the monthly statement to the Library's financial system.
Identifies deficiencies and weaknesses in processing transactions. Resolves non-standard transactions, complaints, and discrepancies in processing invoices, utilizing an extensive knowledge of the BE Enterprise system to research and resolve problems. Recommends new methods to expedite the payment of invoices and new procedures to improve work processes. Assists in developing new procedures to address problems. Provides training on the implementation of new procedures.
Provides technical advice related to the maintenance, control, and reconciliation of accounting transactions and records for multiple accounts. Independently reviews and maintains the most complex accounting transactions with little or no supervision. Certifies fund availability to cover all commitments and obligations, and certifies vouchers for payments in accord with the Prompt Payment Act.
Researches and determines cause of discrepancies, and initiates necessary adjustments. Prepares financial documents, (e.g., work papers, balance sheets, financial statements, etc). Abstracts data from reports/statements to reflect the financial condition and operating results and presents data in the form of prescribed statement/reports to send to the operating location. Maintains financial records including vendor invoices, government purchase card reconciliations, and office correspondence based on the Library's record retention regulations, without supervisory intervention. Assists in the preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements for the Section Head, F&A and/or Senior Operating Accountant.

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