Job Overview


This position is in the Defense Intelligence Senior Level (DISL) criteria.  DISL positions may include some supervisory and related managerial duties, provided that these duties occupy less than 25 percent of the incumbent's time.  DISL members are independent advisors or technical experts and do not involve fundamental research and development responsibilities. DISL positions are in the excepted service.

This position at the Navy Cyber Warfare Development Group is responsible for strategic planning; crafting and implementation of policy; and conducting acquisition activities to deliver cyberspace operations capabilities to the Navy that include, but are limited to, planning, programming, budgeting, development, force integration and when directed, execution.


The incumbent will recommend initiation of new, and changes to existing, programs in order to anticipate the pace and intensity of technological change in cyberspace and to account for the evolution of strategic and operational priorities for Joint and Navy forces.   The position will be the focus for developing and transitioning cyber capabilities to the operating force and will serve as primary liaison to U.S. Fleet Cyber Command (FCC) and Navy Warfare Development Command (NWDC) for policy and doctrine development to ensure the future utility of cyber capabilities. 

The position is the principal advisor to the CO/PM on technological and scientific trends and polices that affect, or will affect naval employment of cyber capabilities, to include the electromagnetic and acoustic spectra; all machine protocols in commercial and defense use; and familiarity with content structures and human interfaces.  The incumbent will be the primary expert for consultation on establishment of research and development objectives; technical and operational risk assessments; and system performance validation for all NCWDG programs.

The position will provide the primary interface for all NCWDG representation to and consultation with Navy and IC cyber stakeholders.  The incumbent will be prepared to represent the CO/PM with full authority at all boards, panels, committees and working groups and to assist FCC and the Staff of the Chief of Naval Operations in the same capacity as directed by Commander, FCC.  Extensive and regular liaison with Fleet and Navy commands; other Services; the Joint Staff; Defense Secretariats and the IC will be expected.

Travel Required

  • Occasional Travel
  • Travel may be required

Relocation Authorized

  • No